Thursday, April 2, 2009


Oh my goodness!!!!!! It has been forever since a post. Did you think I had just completely fell off the face of the earth?????? Nope, just VERY busy but that is a good thing.
Let's see, where to start................Hmmmm I am happy to report that baby Jayden is home, healthy and from what I understand, happy as any little Princess would be. She is cute as a button. I have some great pictures I will get up and running in the next few days!!!
We had a Birthday on March 20th. A beautiful little baby girl. Just beautiful. I am not at liberty to give details but everyone is doing just wonderfully!!!!!!
We are waiting on the arrival of another precious little girl. She can come any day now. We are just waiting on her. Her Mom is very excited and so is everyone else. Just can't wait to finally see her. How exciting!!!!!

Twinkle Twinkle is coming this weekend. What in the world is Twinkle Twinkle? It's a program put on by Women's Hospital of Greensboro. About 40 different companies and/or groups get together and display their products or services. It's aimed at several different groups of people. The "trying to get pregnant", "pregnant and counting the weeks" and the "just had a baby" group. It's an exciting time whichever group you are in. The great thing is that this time around Mothering The Mother made it in as a "vendor". I am so excited I could bust a gut. This is huge!!!!!! I have worked on fliers, brochures, coupons, goals, business cards, give aways and a door prize. I am exhausted but at the same time, I can't wait. It's a lot of work and I have prayed and prayed that the Lord will just bless the effort. If I get one client or 20. He has created the passion and I am just following. If you are in the Greensboro area on Saturday between 10am and 2pm, stop by and see me. The event is om the Education Center at Women's Hospital on Green Valley Rd. They are planning on about 200 people. It will be a lot of fun I am sure. My wonderful husband is putting together a slide show of all the Mothering The Mother babies for it to scroll thru during the event. How Cool!!!!

I received an e-mail today with an attachment. Guess what that was???? My Perinatal Fitness and Wellness Certificate!!!!! YEAH!!!!! It's official!!!!! I passed!!!!! How awesome is that!!!!!
Now we are on to getting the DONA Certification for the Doula and then jump into Childbirth Education. WOW!! Is He good or what!!!!!!

Well, it is almost 11:05pm and I still have to work tomorrow so I better wrap it up. Still have a lot to do for Saturday. Have to decide on what to wear. Any suggestions???? What does a Professional Childbirth Coach wear anyway????? Thanks for sharing in the excitement. I will post and let you know how Saturday goes. Who knows, I might even let my picture be taken.

Doula Mama
ps- I will post the slide show that I use. I can't wait for you to see the new pictures!!!!!


Marsha Judy said...

Not sure what oufit to wear on Saturday-but definitely wear a big smile! Your smile is always so encouraging. I'll be praying for you - oh how I wish I could stop by. I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Where something cute? Nobody wants an old fuddydud.