Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still Pondering Easter!!!!!!!

I have been away for a bit and it's time to get with the program and get things moving. There seems to be so much that I would love to write about and there never seems to be nearly enough time to do it.

Work- It's going well. Life working 3rd shift is difficult but right now it seems to work. Our/My plan/prayer is that I will be able to move into a Weekend Option position. The ability to work on Saturday night and Sunday night and one 8 hour during the week. This sounds really weird but it would be perfect with Kaleb starting school. No after school care, no worries about holidays and early dismissals etc. It would just be the ultimate. Now we wait for the Lords answer and His timing knowing that He does answer His children.

We have a new Sunday School teacher and his method of teaching is something I think that we are really going to enjoy. We are very excited about it!!!! Change can be hard but this is going to be something wonderful! Its amazing what the Lord does and how much He can change us.

This past Sunday was wonderful. We discussed of course Easter but the question was posed...."Why Celebrate The Resurrection?" It was a very profound question that I had never considered. Something that we usually just kind of take for granted. It was something to really think about and I have had it on my mind for the past couple of days. He gave us scripture and I will share that. Yet, the question remains, WHY?

So, let me as you Why do you celebrate The Resurrection? Then I will share with you the scripture and the my thoughts on it!!!!!

Something to Ponder Today,

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