Monday, February 2, 2009

HE IS HERE!!!!!!!!

Shawn Curtis made his entrance into the world last week. He is beautiful. His Mom, Tiff, did a GREAT job. She went to the hospital after she was at the office to be induced. She was doing fine when I stopped in to visit with her after work. Stadol was helping and she was given permission to eat AND go walk in the hallways for 45 minutes. I was so excited that she wasn't going to have to stay in the bed. While she walked, I asked her if she needed me to get her anything. BOJANGLES!!!!! that was her request. That didn't surprise me, we had eaten there at least 2 times during our meetings. She loves Supremes. While she and Chris walked, I headed to Bojangels and got the supremes. We met at Maternity Admissions and I ran the food in. She was to go back and get on the monitor for more meds and then we would see what was going to happen after that. Inductions are always.....any one's guess. I told her to call if ANYTHING happened or she needed me for ANY reason. I left about 7pm and came home. Laid down about 9:30pm and the phone went off about 10pm. Tiff's Mom was on the phone and Tiff was in tears. She said, we need you NOW!!!! I jumped up put on my clothes, grabbed my bag, kissed my hubby and said I would text him when I found out what was going on. I got to the hospital and the Doc on call was about 10 steps in front of me. I asked what he was up to and said "Going for a c-section". I knew that Tiff was our only patient that night. I picked up my pace and he stopped me before I could enter the room. I knew something was NOT right. There were A LOT of nurses coming in and going out. Lots of discussion about "HURRY UP" and "we have got to go". Well, in Labor and Delivery, standing in the halls is not allowed. They asked me to wait in the main hall near the nursery. Not a problem. I knew that she was in good hands. I waited and waited. In about 15-20 minutes, a new Grandma appeared with a bundle. She was beaming. Shawn Curtis was here!!!!!!!! I just hugged her and asked how Tiff was doing. Everyone was doing GREAT!!!!!!!! His heart rate had dropped to the 60's and 80's and was NOT handling labor at all. That is when the call was made to go with the C-Section. Tiff did great. I am sooooo proud of her!!!!!!!!! I went by their home today to visit and check in on everyone. Everyone looks great and Tiff is being an awesome Mom. Tiff is truly blessed to have such an awesome support system. Things are going good for her and I so pray that they continue.

They call him "Little Man". We call Kaleb the same thing. Another awesome delivery, orchestrated by The Creator Himself!!!!!!! Amen and Amen.

Tiff, I'm sooo proud of you.


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