Sunday, February 8, 2009


Hey Everyone,

I am so sorry it has been way to long but things have all the sudden been VERY busy. Things are happening way to fast and I can't seem to keep up with them.
Here is the scoop in a nutshell.
I have a baby that is now past due. She was suppose to be here by this past Saturday and she has chosen to keep us all in suspense.
I have another that is actually due on Tuesday. I haven't really had a chance to REALLY sit and talk to this Mom a lot.
My second round of Childbirth classes have started at the YWCA. There is something about these Teen Mom's that just blows me away.
I got in at Twinkle Twinkle at Women's Hospital as a Vendor on April 4th. PLEASE COME AND SEE ME!!!!!!!!!
I have finally discovered what I want to be when I grow up. You are probably thinking...."It's about time Pam". Anyway, in the midst of all the excitement, I am still working on my Certification to be a Doula. I pray that by this weekend, all of that will be completed. Then I can put CD(DONA) behind my name!!!!!! Then on Feb.28th, I am taking a Perinatal Fitness Instructor course that I can get Certified in. How cool is that going to be. THEN this Saturday morning when I awake and make sure that tax money has hit the bank, I am ordering my information to become a Certified Childbirth Educator. IS THAT COOL OR WHAT!!!!! YES, I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO WHEN I GROW UP!!!!! This has come about through a lot of prayers and a lot of research and knowing what the Lord asked you to do and you try to do it all in YOUR time. Trust me, it doesn't work that way. You have to wait on HIM!!!! It is so worth it. I am so excited I could just bust a gut. I will actually have Certifications that I can use and fall back on. I was suppose to go to college and didn't complete it. That was a huge problem. Always thought "I'll go back". Well, that didn't happen and now it is really hard to do anything. Therefore, I got myself straight and have an awesome husband that supports me in all the craziness and we are off!!!!!! It has taken me a long time to realize that going back to school to be a nurse was not in the plan. Once I accepted that, the doors flew open and here we are!!!!!
I am so thankful for this ride. It's hard, the time is limited and I want so badly to get this done. I want to serve and help women of all ages!!!!!!! I have truly discovered my passion. He created it and OH WHAT A BLESSING!!!!!!!! Please continue to pray for me and my family as we go through this. It's exciting and scary all at the same time!!!!!
Oh, by the way.......over 300 hits to the blog!!!!!!! Thank you for checking in. I might get to see Cash next weekend, will have updated pictures for ya'll!!!!!!!
Keep checking in, 2 new ones are on the way.

Love and Prayers,
Doula Mama (Pam)

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Shannon said...

Good for you!! I love a good Dula!!! I can only pray I get to use one again one day. I'd love to share more about my Josie birth with you if you are interested. I was allowed to give birth to her vaginally even though she way Franklin breech. It was amazing!!! Maybe I'll follow in your footsteps one day....when I grow up : ).