Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday!!!!!
I did not wait til it wa 10pm on Monday to do Not Me Monday!!!
I did not allow my 2 year old to eat on Snicker Doodle and one Chocolate Chip cookie, 2 cups of juice and 3 crackers for dinner tonight.
I did not have such a stressful 2 days that I cooked enough to feed Pharoah's army. There is no room in the refrigerator for the groceries!!!!!
I did not that when it is 90+ degrees outside to clean out the inside of my car this afternoon and make 4 trecks up the stairs to the condo.
I did not gracefully step the wrong way in front of Starbucks and grab the table before almost hitting the ground in my platform slip on sandles with freshly painted toenails on Sunday before getting the Skinny Vanilla Latte that I had agreed not to get because I wouldn't get the points on the Fitness Challenge.......
Happy Not Me Monday!!!!!!!!!!
Doula Mama

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