Thursday, June 4, 2009

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The Story!!!!!

This is a story that I have wanted to share for some time because it has become near and dear to my heart. This is a story of love, hard decisions, a precious little girl, a very strong Mother and an awesome Grandmother( I didn't ask Donna if I could call her that...)

I met Alex early last year as a patient in the office that I work at. I do the initial interview with all of the new OB patients. We go over EVERYTHING. Her Mom came with her. I was immediately drawn to her because of a series of events that she had been through and talking with her Mom, I completely understood where she, as a Mom, was coming from.

As I sat and talked with the 2 of them I knew that there was a connection. I knew that there was something there but for the life of me I couldn't put my finger on it. I followed Alex in the office throughout her pregnancy. Each visit, each ultrasound and just visiting with her and checking to make sure that things were well with her. The other piece of this puzzle is that she had made the decision from the very first visit that she was placing her child in an open adoption. WOW!!!! I was completely blown away. Her Mom stood by her through out the entire pregnancy. This was a young Mom that had made the ultimate decision. The ultimate act of love for this precious little girl. I was just amazed.

As I followed Alex through her pregnancy, we ended up going to Childbirth Class together at the YWCA here in Greensboro. We spent that time to chit-chat and catch up. I met her boyfriend at a couple of appointments. Very nice young man.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Alex had chosen a precious family that had already adopted one little boy and were going to adopt Alex's precious little one. I was excited for Alex and her Mom and this new family. The only thing that I was concerned about was how I was to be apart of this. What was my role going to be? What was my response going to be the day this little one was going to come? Was I going to cry the entire time? I can cry at the drop of a hat!!!!! I just knew that the only thing I could do was to pray and pray hard. I even had my Sunday School Class praying for her, this little girl and the adoptive family and for me. It was awesome. I shared no names but they always asked how "My Mom" was doing. Alex, there are so many people that love you!!!!! I went to work one day and knew that she was scheduled for an ultrasound and in walked, Alex, her Mom and the Adoptive Mom. I was blown away and what a picture of love and sacrifice for this little one. Everything went well and now it was time for us to wait for her grand entrance into this world. That is always the hard part but worth every minute.

If you remember back in March I had blogged about attending the Twinkle Twinkle event at Women's Hospital. Well, I am talking to people as they come through and my phone start vibrating. It's Alex. Oh dear, what in the world am I going to do? Early labor had started. I was thrilled. Once again, the Lord had worked it out, as He had from day one, that none of my Doula-ing would interfere with work. It was a Saturday!!!! Is He good or what???. She actually came to MAU (Maternity Admissions Unit) at the hospital and they told her to go and walk. She ended up coming to visit me at my table. Chatting right through her contractions and smiling and excited all at the same time. I was sooooooooooo proud of her!!!!!! I packed up after the event. Alex had returned to MAU to be evaluated again and to decide on if she was going to be admitted or we were going to wait. The phone call came. ADMIT!!!!!! The clock had started and the hard work was ahead.
Alex was awesome!!!!!! No epidural!!!!!! I was so impressed with her maturity. She handled the contractions like a champ. We talked her through each and everyone and for the most part, the lights stayed low and Alex remained very quiet. Her Mom and I took turns walking her through her contractions. At 6cm, she agreed to a single dose of Stadol. We talked about not fighting the meds and to just try to relax and let her body work. Well, let's just say, that was all that it took. Her Mom was assured that it would be a while and that she had plenty of time to go and take care of some business and she would be back in plenty of time. It was just me and Alex. I sat quietly. Talking her through a contraction and then just being quiet. Praying. Praying for whatever I felt that I needed to. All of the sudden, the screen changes and I realize she is pushing but she hasn't said a word. The room started with a flood of activity. I am calling a nurse, texting her Mom to hurry and we are having a baby. Her awesome doctor arrives and then you hear this running down the's her Mom. SHE MADE IT!!!!!! She pushes 20 minutes and SHE IS HERE!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! It was a moment like no other. It was all I could do to not lose it there on the spot.
Just a beautiful baby girl with so much love to give. I found out that her Adoptive parents were already at the hospital. We snapped as many pictures that the cameras could do and I offered to go out and show the parents pictures of their new daughter. What a privilege!!!!!! I was just blown away. I returned to the room. Alex was now a Mom. She had a precious baby girl. She loves her like nothing else. She loves her oh soooo much!!!!!! What a blessing.
After everything was ready, I left with Alex's permission and went and told the new parents they could come and meet this new little one. There was so much love in the room for this precious little girl. She was just smothered with it!!!!!!

It was a delivery like I have never experienced before. It was a journey that I would not trade for anything in the world. Alex will actually be seeing her fora weekend visit. She is growing up so fast!!!!! Alex is an awesome MOM!!!!! I am just so proud of her. Proud of her that she chose life! Proud of her healthy pregnancy! Proud of her awesome work with Labor and Delivery! Proud of her decision for adoption! Proud of her for keeping her goals in mind and seeing it through to completion! Proud that she has grown up in the last year to be a beautiful young woman and mother!!!!
I am thankful for her awesome Mom, Donna. I am thankful for the privilege of being a part of her life. I am thankful for being a part of this family. Thank you Alex and Donna for allowing me in to this very special time!!!!!!!!! This is why I am a Doula!!!!!

Laboring with you,
Doula Mama (Pam)

PS- I couldn't decide on what picture to add so I will add a slideshow.

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ptbouras said...

Pam...and I am soooooo proud of you. you're happy, helping others, content, fulfilled and so in love with what you're doing!!! And you always give God the glory. He has been good to you!!! and it shows thru your joy!

I love you too