Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Part 1

I posted the other day the scripture about the potter's house and being in The Potter's hands.The weekend of July 4th, our family went down to my parent's house in Georgia. What a weekend it was. We didn't stop for a minute. We had so much to do and so little time. The weather was PERFECT that weekend. You may or may not know that my Dad makes pottery. He does great work. I have some of his pieces and just love them so much. I collect pottery coffee mugs but feel guilty for buying them because my Dad makes pottery, why would I buy someone else's stuff. Any way, we have always talked about getting me to do something on the pottery wheel in the pottery shop. Well, this was going to be my time. The cool part was that my husband, Bo got to do it to. Of course we have lots of pictures. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!As I watched, my Dad start with just this very odd shaped piece of clay that he had taken from a very large slab and pounded it on the table a few times to get things going. We then placed it on the wheel. Then you have to use your feet to get the thing going and it's not as easy as it looks. Once it gets moving, you put the water on with your hands and the molding starts.It's messy but it feels so good on your hands. I watched him in a matter of a few minutes make a small spoon rest. They are so VERY neat. Then it was my turn. I put on the apron while he got everything ready then I sat down. I had seen what he had done and now it was my turn. I put on the water and it was just spinning under my hands. I listened as my Dad coached me through the entire process. GENTLE here. FIRM there. PULL and PUSH equally on both sides coming up the side of the bowl. Before I knew it....I had made a small bowl to put my paperclips in on my desk at work. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!My husband sat down and I watched as he made his container for his desk. The edge on his is flared and he even put a texture on the outside. It was amazing to watch it all come together in just a matter of a few minutes. AMAZING!!!!! Of course me being the Journal-er that I am (Thanks to Marsha and Peggy) this was a journaling moment if I had ever seen or had one.
As I close today, I hope you will join me back here tomorrow for "The rest of the story".....you will not want to miss this journaling moment.
Pam K.

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Anonymous said...

Pam...I too have journaled about the potter and me being the resistant clay...
scripture really comes alive with this art...God starts with a wad of clay and works us...pulling here, pressing there..and yes, at times it hurts. but what He ends up with (not while we're on earth) is a work of His hands.
thanks for sending me the link