Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Part 2

As I sat there that day in my Dad's pottery shop making and forming my first piece of pottery and watching my husband do the same thing, I couldn't help but to think of the way that the Lord is molding and making us.
We are nothing but a big glob of clay on The Potter's Wheel.
Sometimes when His hands are upon us, they are heavy.
There is a lot of pressure or heaviness.
Like when we haven't been with Him in the quietness of the morning in a while.
Sometimes there is even some pulling and pushing in our lives.
We are being pulled and pushed at work, at home, in family life and other places.
Of course then there is that gentle water.
That feeling of the coolness in the morning as it flows over you as He molds your heart while you read and study His word.
There is the uncomfortable-ness of when He is working out the imperfections.
He may use a blade.
He may use a sponge.
He may use some water and a gentle finger for just that one particular area.
Then he gentle covers you with His water again and the imperfection is gone.
You continually stay on The Potter's wheel.
The amazing thing is that His hand never comes off.
His presence and touch is always there.
As the clay that is on the wheel, you have no control over what He chooses to do.
You have no control over what He has planned for you.
You love Him and trust Him.
He already knows what you are going to look like.
You will look like Him because we are created in His image.
No, being on The Potter's wheel is not easy.
It's not always gentle but you know that He loves you.
His touch is always there.
He doesn't take His eyes off of you.
He never leaves you just spinning out of control on the wheel.
One day we will be a finished product.
We will have been created to do His perfect will.
We will have been through the fire and will be PERFECT!!!!
Oh, how I can't wait for that day.
Are you on The Potter's Wheel? What is He doing while you are there? Do you feel as if you are spinning on the wheel out of control? Rest assured, His hand is on you and He will never leave you or forsake you!!!!!!!
Piece of Clay,
Pam K.

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