Friday, August 6, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Just a little blip before I have to go running out the door again. Life is just way to busy these days!!!!!!

Just needed to share with you. Went to Harris Teeter (local grocery store) when I got off early today. Thought "I'll just go in and get a few things and then get going." I typically only buy what is on sale and then just kind of plan from there.
Well, I got this and that and they had some AWESOME!!!!! deals. Some I may go back and get more to take on vacation.
Anyway, walked out the door paying like $40-something and thought that was OK for all that I got. THEN....the lady gets my receipt and looks at me and says, "And you saved ~$38. WOW!!!!! I was soooooo excited!!!!!!! It was just great!!!!!!

How do you save money?
Do you do coupons?
Do you just shop sales?
Where and how do you do it?
What is the most you have ever saved?

Have an awesome day!!!!!
Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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