Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thinking Tuesday

Thinking and Pondering Today....

I have this great family at our church. His name is Terry Smith, wife is Tammy and their 2 precious kids are TJ and Taylor. Terry has been called by the Lord into ministry as a preacher. Let me just tell you, there is something so powerful about watching someone and their family being called by God and see them grow every time they stand behind the pulpit. Our pastor has been on vacation and I have had the honor of hearing Terry preach the last 2 Sundays'. He has challenged me and taken me to a new place.
Last Sunday he preached out of the Old Testament. Speaking from my favorite books of the OT about Moses and those Israelites. How many times I have studies and been so frustrated with "Why don't they get it??" and then the Lord reminds me..."Pam, you are just like them at times" and of course He is always right.
Terry talked about when they had created the golden calf. Moses told the Lord "We won't go if You don't go with us". How many time I SHOULD have said that. Instead, I said "I'll go here and do this....and please go with me as I do this FOR YOU". I should have already learned by now, THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS!!!!!!
Terry made some statements that I wanted to share with you that just keep coming back and resonating in my ears and in my heart.
- God's presence is desired above all else.
*Am I willing to risk His provision?
*Am I willing to risk His protection?
*Am I willing to risk His Promised Land?
Going to the Land of Milk and Honey-
*The milk is sour if He's not there
*The honey is bitter if He's not there.

What powerful teaching from the Lord thru Terry. Terry, thank you so much for challenging me and whether I am IN His presence or if I am busy reasoning it out, calculating it to see if it works and then tag Him on the end.
Thank you Lord for Terry and his precious family.

Laboring and Being Challenged in my walk with You,
Doula Mama Pam

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