Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Middle of the week and counting the days for vacation. Somethings have been happening in our home that I just feel the need to talk about, share, bust with pride, show off my child.

I have an almost 22 year old that is AWESOME!!!!!!! He is now living with us. It has been an adjustment I am sure on his part because now he has a 3 year old brother running around and wanting his attention and wanting to "Watch Cars on the puter" with him.

Kyle is just a wonderful young man. Of course as his Mom, he would have to do something VERY major for me to get totally mad about. He works hard, does what is asked, is going to college, has a passion for photography and has THE BEST GIRLFRIEND in the world that supports him in his goals and he does likewise for her.

He has so many pictures that I could share that he has taken and it absolutely amazes me. He has been in magazines, on the Internet, at car-meets, races, and other events. He has found his passion and I am just so proud. I will see if he will give me some and maybe post them on Wordless Wednesday next week.

For Example-----He shot pictures of someones car a few weeks back for the friend to submit to a magazine. He was evidently submitting with A LOT of other people and their cars.....Well....guess what?????
He got it!!!!!! Cover plus a 6 page spread in the magazine. The cool part is that this will be their FIRST printed magazine and GUESS WHO HELPED SHOOT THE PICTURES!!!!!???????
KYLE DID!!!!!!!!! I can tell him all day how proud I am but he is THE most humble young man you will ever meet.

I know this post will probably embarrass him somewhat but that is OK. I just needed to encourage and brag on him today and tell him how much I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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