Monday, June 18, 2012

Time is Just Flying!!!!!

I am once again amazed at what all the Lord is doing.  I can see Him in different areas and once again it just blows my mind and it is almost overwhelming.  Does that make sense?
I have been overwhelmed lately just with life in general.  You know those days when you just want to all just stop for a while so you can breathe?  That is where I have been.  All most to the point of tears on some days because I just wanted to relax.  I knew that vacation was coming. I knew there would be time to rest. It just wasn't coming fast enough for me.  I would just pray and ask for more and more strength because there was no way I could do it on my own.  He would graciously supply. 

For the first time in weeks, I can say today that I am actually relaxed.  I mean to the point of almost feeling like a limp dish rag, in a good sort of way.  There has been no schedule. There has been no work to call to see where I am going. No stress of the day.  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

My friend, Danielle that I work with at the hospital, comes up with some of the best ideas and recipes that are good for you, taste great, and are simple to make.  She and her husband, Adam, have Team Genetics.  They have so inspired me to push beyond just what I was doing and really taking it to the next level.  She probably has no idea just how much.  I am doing more now than I have ever done fitness wise and it has been a real challenge but one I believe I was ready for. 

I wrote my "plan", Transformation From the Inside Out".  Finally getting it on paper was just wonderful and I keep adding more and more.  My sweet friend Tara is giving it a try and I'm encouraging her along the way.  I'm excited.

Kaleb has graduated from Pre-K and now we are on to Kindergarten.  Kyle is on his own and I am so missing him but he is doing a great job!!!!  Tonya is ready to start her GED on-line.  I'm so proud of her!  Dylan is the Little Monkey and growing every day!!!!!!!  Life is good and I'm so blessed and so very thankful!!!!!!!

Pressing On,

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