Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Well, guess who turned 2 years old today?????? Kaleb William did. Boy, what a day. Bo and I got off work early and went and had "Snack Time" at daycare in the form of a birthday party. How exciting. 9 two-year olds running around. What fun!!!!!!! It was just great. For those of you that don't know, Kaleb is all about Cars. The movie and of course anything that 4 wheels up to 18 wheeler's on the highway are all "Cars" to Kaleb. He has made it his mission I guess to see how many he can collect. The amazing part is that with all the Bo and I have bought, all that family and friends have given him, he does not have one duplicate. HOW COOL!!! Me-Ma (in Georgia) bought his cup-cake cake for him. Moms, if you have not seen this yet, it is the coolest thing. The daycare teachers just loved it. Not nearly as messy and much easier to clean up.

This has been a VERY fast 2 years. Things have been moving at a speed that is way to fast for me. Sitting here at this computer, I would have never in a million years thought that at the age of 29 and counting I would be re-married, have a little one running around my feet and my oldest for dinner talking about "honeymoons" (of course that conversation was prefaced with "Don't panic Mom". They were just "talking" so he says. Anyway, to think that 2 years ago I was at Women's Hospital having a baby by unscheduled C-Section. He was scheduled for January 8th by C-Section. I had told Dr.D the entire time I was pregnant that I really wanted to have him on my Papa's birthday but that year it fell on a Saturday and of course you can't post surgeries on a Saturday (not at that time anyway-don't think I didn't try). Anyway, I remember that day like it was yesterday. I went to my friends babyshower who was due about 4 weeks after me. That was really cool. We were both pregnant at the same time. I was having a boy and she was having a girl. Anyway, C-Section was scheduled for Monday morning. My shower had been on Thursday night. Went to her shower and had a great time. Mom and Dad were coming into town so Mom and I decided we needed that one last thing from Baby's R Us. We planned to meet there. It was unusually warm because I didn't have on a jacket, sun was shinning bright that day and I had on a thin shirt and capri's and of all things, slide on sandals. That was all that would fit my feet. We got back to my apartment at about 4-ish. I got out of the car, had my hands full and SPLAT!!!! Hit the ground belly first. It was NOT a pretty sight. I thought my dad was going to have a heart attack. He threw his keys down so hard that it broke the remote lock, of which he has still not had repaired 2 years later. I finally got up after feeling like a beached whale. Went inside and called my favorite doctor. Dr.D was on call. I knew that because I follow the schedules at the office. I had his home #, his cell and his pager. Spoke with him and told me to relax and meet him at the hospital. We would monitor and follow with Monday. Another phone call, monitor and have C-S on Sunday. Last phone call before getting in the car. Come ready. OR is booked and will have C-S about 7-ish. What a whirlwind. One thing that always sticks in my mind was my Mom saying to me over and over- "Remember, you wanted to have him on Papa's Birthday. Oh what a day!!!!!!! He arrived at a VERY HEALTHY 7 pounds even. Gorgeous with everyone there. My parents, my oldest, my best friends, and of course his dad. Our family took up 1/2 of the waiting room at the Maternity Admissions Unit at Womens'. How awesome.

We have had the privilege of watching him change, grow, walk, start to talk, from bottles to sippy cups and now no lids at school, from 1st haircut, 1st tooth, to speaking words that no one could understand to his current favorites..."Oh No", "Uh-Oh", "No-Way","No", "Bye", "Hey" and a list of others. It has been an amazing 2 years. An amazing little blessing every single day. How precious is the time. What a blessing. The times with him are changing. He is a busy little boy. Constantly on the move , unless the movie "Cars" is on the screen. At this point, every moment that is available, he has it. If he chooses to sit in my lap or sit next to me or want to be held, the dirty dishes can wait, the laundry is not going to sprout legs and walk, the dinner might be a little late tonight or may turn into sandwiches but if he wants "Mine" or "Dadee" it all takes the back burner. There is coming a day MUCH sooner than we like to admit that he will be busy with homework, kissing Mom and Dad good night is not allowed, he will be on the computer and heaven forbid, have a first "girlfriend". Time moves way to fast. Love your little one. Love your big one if you have that to. They grow up way to fast!!!!!! OH HOW WE LOVE YOU LITTLE MAN!!!!!!! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

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Steve+Marie Douglas said...

Happy Birthday to Kaleb!! I just noticed you are new to Elijah's Love Club!! I wanted to stop by & tell you hello & also welcome & thank you for following our blog.