Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mama's Little Money Man Has Arrived!!!!

CASH IS HERE!!!!!!!!

Well Good Afternoon!!!!
It's Sunday afternoon and it's COLD here in the Carolina's. Things have quieted down now but it was an exciting week. I got the call on Wednesday that Meg was going to be induced. YEAH!!!! Cash was on his way. That is such a cool name. His nick-name is "Mama's Little Money Man" That is just to cute. Anyway, Meg and Jason went to the hospital about 2:30pm. Things were to get underway with the induction fairly quickly. I was actually at home with a "sick" little one that day and was not at the office. I have learned to text REALLY good and REALLY QUICK with my old phone. Anyway, Meg and Jason were all settled in and I made it to see them about 6:30pm. We sat and talked and discussed this and that and the plan. Of course, she got a foot massage while we talked. Everyone was good. Cash looked great on the monitor and we were ready to see him.
Thursday morning came and we were still in induction mode. Meg was doing great. Didn't sleep to well but as well as to be expected in a hospital bed. We visited before I went to work and again at lunch. Still in induction mode. I arrived after work about 15 minutes before the doctor got there. Things were happening. The doctor came in and broke her water. The Miracle Man (the anesthesiologist) came about 7:30pm. Things were going well. Meg and Jason were calm and handling everything like pro's. When the Miracle Man had arrived, she was about 3 1/2 cm. At 9pm, we were 9cm. We thought the nurses eyes were going to pop out of her head. We were ready to do the happy dance. Cash would be here SOON!!!!!! After a VERY long time of pushing and encouraging, resting, breathing, and pushing even more, Cash made his entrance.
He got to lay on his Mama's belly and say hello to the world. The tears of joy and excitement, the wonder and the awe just filled the room. He had arrived and he was gorgeous. Dad quickly counted toes and fingers and then he and mom tried to figure out where ALL the hair came from!!!!!!!
He has a head full of hair!!!!!!!
I was soooo proud of Meg and Jason. They had made a plan of how they wanted this arrival to be. Right down to visitors, phone calls and aromatherapy. They stuck to it. They DID GREAT!!!!!!! I am so excited for this new family. Cash is a very blessed little boy. Of course these are the pictures of the day of his arrival. I will get to see him in about 2-3 weeks and we can add more then. To Meg and Jason- You guys did great!!!!!!!
I consider it a true honor and privilege that you allowed me to be a part of this precious and intimate day in your lives. This is what makes my job worth all the work!!!!!!! Congrats to you!!!!! Enjoy your new little blessing. Love him. Enjoy him. Snuggle him close. He will be grown before you can blink!!!! Thanks again for the honor and privilege to be your Doula.

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