Friday, January 9, 2009


Hello Fellow Readers, Family and Friends,

This blog is so much fun for me. I just can't begin to tell you how much!!!! It is exciting to see how the Lord uses it each and every day. It doesn't take to long to get it up but there is so much I want to add to it and I am not the most computer-minded person in the world but I am working on it. My wonderful computer-minded hubby is going to help me this weekend so I can put some slide shows of Kaleb and how much he has grown as well as the New Babies and the new arrivals that are on the way. I soooo can not wait for you to see them all. I got new updated pictures of Rylan and SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!! Her mom sent them and of course, they are way to hard to pick one, so I am sure I will have to include all of them. Baby Elizabeth stopped by my office the other day to visit with her Mommy. Oh she is just beautiful. Such a precious little girl. She gave everyone a scare when she arrived but I happy to report that she is a happy, growing, and healthy little girl. She is just precious. She looks like her Mommy and Daddy. I have a couple of pictures of her but they have gone and had some taken and I can't wait to see those.

Please be in prayer for the 3 Mom's that have coming up VERY soon. They are all very precious to me of course. Two are having boys and one is having a girl. This is a very exciting time for all of them, but as the time draws close, they are tired and READY to have a baby. They are ready to hold these precious little one's that the Lord has blessed them with. This is such an honor to be apart of the whole pregnancy process. It's exciting for them I am sure. What a blessing!!!!!!!

Kaleb had a GREAT birthday. He is still overwhelmed I think by all of the cars that he has. I am amazed at how many he has. No duplicates I remind you!!!!! I find them everywhere. Whenever things are looking "Cleaned-Up" at home, there is always one more car in the cushion of the couch, the recliner,under the cabinet, the table, the chair, in the bathroom, the hallway, well,,,,you get the picture. WE ARE FINALLY CALLING A TRUCK A TRUCK!!!!!!! Not always but we are moving in that direction....YEAH FOR KALEB!!!!!!

I promise, the pictures are coming!!!! Please check back often to see them. If you are a FOLLWER OF THE BLOG, please leave a comment, a posting, SOMETHING just to let me know you have been here.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!!!!!

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