Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, It's about Time!!!!!!

Dear Fellow Blog-Readers,

I first want to tell you I am so sorry for not updating any sooner. When I wrote back in early December and said that my calendar was crazy, I had no idea exactly how crazy it was. It was at the point that we literally had something to do every single night, day, at lunch, after work and if I could have rolled out of the bed any earlier, I am sure there would have been something to do in the mornings as well. I was exhausted, worn-out, physically, emotionally, mentally and any other way you can think of. I can't tell you the last time I felt that way. It was NOT a good feeling.
We had a very quiet Christmas that started at 5:30am for the almost 2 year old in the house. The only thing he said when he first saw the presents was "Uh-Oh!". It was priceless. The first thought that came to his little mind must have been, "Who ever put all this stuff in here and messed up the front room, sure is in trouble". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was precious. I am going to see if I have enough blog-computer smarts to put together a slide show on here so you can see what the focus of Kaleb's Christmas was.
Mothering The Mother welcomed a new little one to the world in the middle of the busy season. She is beautiful and I will be seeing her next week and will hopefully have permission to share some of her photo's. She is such a blessing and what an awesome Christmas present that came a few day's early to her mom.
I am in the process of getting more updated pictures from all of the babies and their families. They have all grown SOOOO much. I had the privilege of going and spending about 2 hours with Nate. Remember, he was the FIRST MOTHERING THE MOTHER BABY!!!! He has grown so much. He napped in my arms while Mom and I had the chance to sit and talk and visit. He is just precious. I will be putting them all in slideshow as well as soon as the pictures are available.
What is up for 2009 and Mothering The Mother???? First and foremost,Whatever the Lord wants to do with it. I have said from the beginning that it is His and not mine. It is a blessing that I get to participate in it. I do know at the present moment that I have 2 in January, 1 in February, 1 in March and possibly 2 in April. Of course, NOTHING is written in stone. As we have seen before, it can change in a moment. That is the exciting thing.
The Lord has really impressed upon me that in order to be the Doula that He wants me to be, that it will require some sacrifice on my part. I have the opportunity to get my Childbirth Educator's Certificate through Lamaze or through ALACE. Cost wise they are about the same. It requires a lot of reading, alot of studying and teaching at least one class free of charge and then taking a final exam. This is such an exciting adventure. I just want to make sure that I am taking the class that He wants me to take. One is studying at home with all of the manuals, handouts, information and modules to work thru. It's a study at your own pace. The other requires reading and more reading and then travel to a workshop for an entire weekend and then your time clock starts ticking to get it all done and sit for the exam. The pressure with that particular class is a bit overwhelming. Do-able but overwhelming. I'm just praying He will show me which one He wants me to take.
Mothering The Mother will be going and visiting more offices to offer services around the Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem area in the next weeks. This is exciting, scary, overwhelming and any other thought you can have with that. I know that I have a HUGE passion for all of these pregnant Mom's. I don't doubt that for a moment. I can actually watch myself change after talking with a "Client-Mom". There is a sense of satisfaction, a sense of excitement and joy. It is just amazing. Even in the environment that I work in at work, I LOVE THE MOM's. I am the "first meeting" when a Mom comes to our office. Is that exciting or what????? I get to see how is she doing with finding out she is pregnant? Is this planned? Was this a complete and total shock? Does she have support? Is she scared? Is she alone? Those are all the things I get to see, listen for and look at. If there are questions that remain in my mind, I try and follow them while they are coming in. Just checking on them to see how they are. Do they have a support person yet? Who is going to Childbirth Class with them? Are they going to class? Are they feeling any better about this new life they are carrying? It's exciting and Oh the ministry and prayer opportunities that I get on a daily basis. Isn't He GREAT!!!!!!
2009 is going to be a great year. A great year for the Kennedy Family and for Mothering The Mother!!!!!!
I promise this year to post at least once a week. I will keep you updated. Please feel free to post comments, questions, concerns, prayer request, updates. I would love to hear from you!!!!!!!
May He ALONE Be Glorified,

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