Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesdays

Well, the holiday's are fast approaching and wanted to maybe dedicate a couple of Tuesdays to some Terrific Tuesday Thoughts for gift giving. I would love to say that all of the ideas are mine but they are so NOT my idea.
I say this on a blog that I visit every so often. She even gives you the direct, "How To" to make these. Great idea for families with children
Photo Blocks- Check out this website http://oswaldcuties.blogspot.com/2009/11/wooden-photo-blocks.html

Ideas from me......Hmmmmmmmmm let's think for a minute. Things that I have done that have gone over as a huge hit. ..........

*Chocolate dipped pretzels - Regular pretzels and the Chocolate Melts that you get at Michael's or AC Moore.
*Homemade Cookie Dough- Wrap in plastic wrap in a log. Wrap again in aluminum foil and then wrapping paper. Attach a card with directions on baking. They can place it in the freezer for later or slice and bake on the spot.
*Homemade Pizza Dough- Same as above. Give with a jar of a specialty Marinara and a bag of specialty pasta
*Coupons- I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!
*One night of free baby sitting
*One trip to the mall WITHOUT the children
*One night that the family prepares dinner FOR Mom
*Date night- Dad arranges sitter, dinner reservation etc.
You get the idea. Spouses can make it for the other and children can do it for the parents.
*Homemade Cards- pack of 8 WITH STAMPS
*Homemade Jewelry- Beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.
*Homemade Peppermint Bark.......HUGE HIT AND SOOOOOOOOO EASY!!!!!
So now that you know what my family members are getting, what are you doing???? Share your thoughts in the comment section!!!!!!!!! I'm in need of some new ideas!!!!!!!!!

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam

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Anonymous said...

We bought cute little tins at Target last year and made fudge & rice krispy treats directly in them (cook on stove & everything then pout into the little tins while still hot) for all of our neighbors.

At newly married friends (destination wedding none of were able to go), another friend offered to make a cake, which was gladly accepted. They brought it complete with beautiful cake stand and cake knife. Cute way of presentation, with something to keep & use :)

And for baby gifts, not entirely crafty, but I buy patches (rolling stones, metallica, whatever the band is the couple loves) and buy denim jackets or whatever, and sew the patches on. Costs under $20 for what is a very cool,original gift :)