Friday, April 30, 2010


Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!!! It is Friday!!!!! I am so very glad. It has been a good but long week. Things don't ever seem to slow down. I am so looking forward to this weekend with NOTHING major on the calendar.
Running on Saturday morning with some friends and then maybe the grocery store. Just kind of doing NOTHING!!!! Funny how when we are younger, doing NOTHING is boring!!!!!!! Getting older and having children, I treasure those days when there is NOTHING to do!!!!!!

I am once again amazed at the Lord. I know, by experience, that He answers the prayers of His people and for that I am truly grateful. Yet, when He changes me, I am amazed. I am a sinner saved by grace and I am excited about what He is doing. He is doing some things that come more easily than I thought and yet at the same time, He is working on parts that are difficult to give up or even consider changing. It's exciting, even in the discomfort of some change. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

I have come to this realization that He is in control and I am so NOT!!!! Once again, I am so very thankful for that. At the same time, I have a choice in this. I realize that I keep talking about this past Saturday but it is sticking with me like glue. I can have a casual conversation with someone and without even mentioning that I was at the event last Saturday I hear them use those same words that keep coming at me. CHOICE, CHOOSE, SECURE, CONFIDENT. I'm just listening and WOW is all that I know to do or say.

Now this may sound totally CRAZY but when He does such a major work, there is change. Now, some may be small and not evident to anyone. Some maybe huge and people may ask "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" and even some may say "YOU HAVE GONE OFF THE DEEP END!!" Of course, I would love to share with you all that He is doing but this is not the place. The answer to either one of those questions is "Jesus is alive and working" and second "I would go off the deep end for my Savior and would be happy for you to go with me!" There is an excitement. There is a new calmness. There is a new joy. There is the release of the old. There is a peace. There is expectancy as to what will He do next. He is just so good to me and loves me so much.

I know that I have shared so much here. I could keep going and I just might have to have a Part 2 to this post but I will leave you with one final thought/question.
**If you have no idea about what I am talking about or who my Savior is, PLEASE e-mail me or leave a comment and let me tell you about what He can do for you.
**If you know Him but you are not sure that you would know it when He speaks and you need to get right with Him, OH PLEASE!!!! leave me a comment, let me pray for you.
It's going to be an awesome weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam
1 Sam 12:23

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