Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~~~~~Twinkle Twinkle~~~~

*****Twinkle Update*****

Well, I had the Twinkle Event at the hospital last Saturday. Let me just share with you how the Lord truly works.
**First, I had visions of not going because I was tired (Lame excuse I know but it's been nuts here)
**I wasn't sure I could get it all together before the event with copies and fliers and other stuff I wanted to do.
**Of course the ever present thought of- "What if no one takes my information."

First - I walked into the room where my table was and there was an Ob/Gyn practice that is full of MIDWIVES!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!
Second- One of the Midwives, Vicki was there the whole time!!!!!!!!
Third-SHE KNEW WHO I WAS!!!!!!! Is that cool or what?????? She has my information and hands it out!!!!!
Fourth-She encouraged me so much and probably had no idea how much she did!!!!!!!!
Fifth-I came home with only 3 packets left.
Sixth- I had 27 people sign up for a Give Away!!!!!!
Seventh- I had a lot of FUN!!!!!!
Eighth- THERE WERE NO OTHER DOULA's THERE!!! I was stunned!!!!!!
Ninth- I met some other vendors that are just getting started and I got to encourage them!
Tenth- Did I mention HE BLESSED ME SO MUCH FOR OBEYING!!!!!!

Sorry about all the !!!!!!'s. It was just an awesome day and He deserves ALL the credit!!!!!!
Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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chadandnikki said...

YAY!! I'm so glad it went well. And use all the !!!!!!!! your heart desires.