Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dangerous Surrender - Chapter 2

If you missed chapter 1, you can scroll down and read that chapter. That will give you an idea of where we are going and where we are headed. This was a tough chapter for me because it hit so close to home. If you are reading it, you may know exactly what I am talking about. It just shows how selfish we are. We are sooooo very selfish!!!!!

The thought of giving up the keys to The Kingdom of Me was a real eye opener. It is hard when you sit back and look at your life. If you go to page 241 in the back of the book, you will find the questions. As I have said before we will pick 2 typically or 3 depending on His leading.
So let's get started.
#5- Kay describes the WITTY principle and then concludes, "Figuring our [God's} ways isn't any of my business. Following him is." Which of God's ways have been most challenging for you to accept and follow?
So let's first explain the WITTY principle. Simply an acronym for the following statement..."What Is That To You?" I realize that this is the 5th question on the list but it is the one thing that really jumped out at me. She talks about this moment when she just let it rip (my words) because she is angry and hurt. Her thinking at this time is so much like mine at times. Have you ever felt like this? You have it out with the Lord and basically throwing yourself a pity party. I know that I have even in the last week. What am I doing wrong? Why is she getting to do this? Why was he blessed in this way or that I do the the exact same thing and I haven't seen your blessing yet? They asked for the same thing that I did and they got it and I didn't. My immediate human response it "THAT"S NOT FAIR" I am sure that you have done this to. After reading this chapter it comes back to my heart and my head "What is that to you Pam? Just follow me. Love me."
What in the world am I to say to that but "Yes, Lord, I am so sorry. Please forgive me." Then I open my eyes, and see the situation and circumstances that I seem to be in the throws of thru His eyes and not my own. WOW!!!!!
OK, next question......
Well, I can't really do another question. I realize that not everyone that reads this post will have the book but may just need to read something encouraging. This part was was so key for me over the past 2 weeks. I have gone back and read it over and over because it was just huge for me. Page 50. This is a direct quote from the book. I pray that it will minister to you as it has for me.
"Surrender always leads to peace. Accepting God's will in our circumstances is the hardest thing he asks of us because it requires denying ourselves and taking up the cross. If we forget that it is to a loving God that we surrender the keys to the Kingdom of Me, we will struggle long and hard against him. The good news is that his arms are around us, and we can beat our fists against his chest for as long as we like. But what rest for our souls comes when we finally relax into his embrace! Fenelon makes this observation:
God prepares a cross for you that you must embrace without thought of self-preservation. The cross is painful. Accept the cross and you will find peace even in the middle of turmoil. Let me warn you that if you push the cross away, your circumstances will become twice as hard to bear. In the long run, the pain of resisting the cross is harder to live with than the cross itself.
WOW is the only thing that I know to say. I am sure that I will reread this chapter again before posting Chapter 3. So much to think on. If you don't have the book, I would encourage you to purchase it. It is worth every penny!!!!!!

Please share your comments. Would love to hear them!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam
Let's Pray
God, what you ask of me seems beyond my reach. I know I'm too protective of the Kingdom of Me. Part of me is ready to start living more for you than for myself, but part of me is desperately afraid. Please forgive me for living for myself. I've gotten really good at it. I see more and more clearly now that surrendering to you-denying myself, taking up the cross, and following you-is going to cost me. But because I know you made me to love me and you gave yourself for me, I am handling you the keys to the Kingdom of Me. Save me from myself. Amen.


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