Wednesday, April 6, 2011


LIFE!!!!! is happening and some days I am wondering if I am still upright or flat on back.  I read over on a friends blog that she was feeling a bit like a punching bag.  I kind of understand where she is.  Not that I feel like a punching bag but maybe a piece of clay being pounded on the counter before being put on the Potter's Wheel. 
I realized that I started "Dangerous Surrender" and know that I owe you Chapter 2 but Chapter 2 has been very difficult for me.  I'm trying to find a way to put it into words and share enough but not to much that would just between my Lord and I. 

So, just to give you an idea on LIFE in the Kennedy household at present........
Poor Hubby is dealing with a pinched nerve in his back, going on 4 weeks. Physical Therapy, MD appts and Chiropractor appts on top of pain meds and muscle relaxers.
Oldest son's car dies and is now looking for it's resting place.
Oldest son gets Mom's car.
Mom gets new car.
Oldest son's phone dies.
Oldest son gets new phone but not a Smart Phone (maybe Christmas or Birthday)
Youngest son is gaining independence everyday and Mom is struggling with that
Mom missed BSF going on 4 weeks and going through withdrawal.
Mom just finished teaching her 2nd round of Childbirth Education and LOVED it!!!!!!
Mom went to Women's In-House Retreat and laid down a lot of STUFF!!!!!

Now you know how things are in our house.  Are things that crazy in yours?
I promise Chapter 2 this Saturday.  It will be great!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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