Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Friday!/ Warning- This is a "Birthy Post"

What is on your agenda for this weekend?  I am not sure for us.  Hubby still is having back spasms and pain so that kind of limits this and that but I don't have Childbirth Classes this weekend so that kind of opens things up a little bit.  Hopefully going to make a home visit on Sunday afternoon and then another next Sunday probably.  I just love it!!!!!!!!  That is so where my heart is!!!!!!

I have now completed 2 rounds of Childbirth Education and it has really opened my mind and I even learned so much even as I was teaching.  What exactly women are wanting and what they are after.  There are some truly powerful women that know what they want and "Good for them" for going after it and getting it.  One Mom and Dad that I met had a routine visit with their OB and she was very clear about what she wanted.  Her OB said "Well, we will see.  Most women want that and end up with this that and the other" (not exact quote) and she and her husband changed providers.  YOU GO GIRL!!!!!
 That is one of my biggest things teaching class is for women to realize that they have a choice.  They can make choices and choose what kind of birth experience they desire.  EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!!!  That is the biggest thing that you can do.  READ!!! RESEARCH!!!! DO NOT WATCH TV!!!!!  A Baby Story on TLC and One Born Every Minute, just make me mad.  Unrealistic most of the time and the majority ends up on the editing floor.  Not good for the Mom's that are not going to class and not doing their research and knowing what is available. 
Quote from one of my favorite Childbirth Video's "Orgasmic Birth"....  "Women of earth...TAKE BACK YOUR BIRTH!!!!!!"  I just love that!!!!!! 
It can even come down to the simple things.......
What does it mean to have an epidural and all that comes with it?
Choices to think through-
-keeping exams to a minimum
-saline lock only-no IV fluids
-out of the bed-movement is a must!
-delayed cord clamping if you are not banking
-keeping baby with Mom and Dad
-delay eye ointment or decline it
-delay Hep B until first visit at Peds office
These are just a few choices that women have that they don't realize that they can speak up and say something about.  EDUCATE!!!!! and EMPOWER!!!!!! yourself!!!!!!!!  IT IS A MUST!!!!!!

OK, I will get off of my soap box.  Hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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