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Dangerous Surrender- Chapter 1

Whether you are following along by reading the book or you are just curious or maybe you have already read this book.  I am excited that you have chosen to stop in and visit.  I am glad that you have.  I would challenge you to chime in down below in the Comment section.  It is a book that I am convinced even after reading the first chapter that this is one of those books that will change your life.  Change the way that you think. Change the way that you see the Lord working in your life.  OK, so let's get started and look at what Kay shared and then go and look at the questions that she posed in the back of the book.  I will copy the prayer that she posted at the end of the chapter.
She poses 6 questions at the end of the chapter in the back of the book.  We will not go through each question.  I will just pick 2 or 3 of them and share them.  Of course, if you would like to comment on one of the other questions, please feel free to do so.

1. Have you ever experienced God persistently working to direct your attention to some relationship, issue or cause?  If so, describe a major turning point in your realization.
This question for me was one that I actually had to stop and really think about.  I was amazed at all that the Lord just continually brought to mind and how I had changed and how I had moved and of course there were those times that I chose not to change and for that I am sure that I missed some major blessings for not listening.  At present, I could not go a word further without confessing and praising Him of what He is doing in my heart and my life at present.  I am just amazed at how He works.  I realize that this maybe around the world and back but just stick with me on this one.  I even had a time about 2 weeks ago that I was at home and even wrote a post on here about the word "know".  You can go back there and read that later.  The realization that I was in a place where I was frustrated with where I was and what I wanted.  I wasn't looking at what He was wanting.  I was focused on what I thought He would would want for me.  It is something that I believe with all my heart that He has put there.  My passion and desire to be with and educate women about pregnancy, childbirth, and life after a new arrival.  Now this is not something that would be a passion of every other person.  The part that was frustrating me and it was effecting every part of life. I wanted more. I was frustrated because I wanted to do what Pam wanted to do.  I wanted to buy a friends business.  I could teach. I could network. I would be my own boss. I could be home with my little one more. I could have dinner ready when my hubby came home. If I had a Mom in labor, I would not have to ask management if I could go or not.  Do you see the problem?  Do you see where my head was?  Then it hit me.  Well, let me clarify that. HE hit me!!!!!!!!  I went last Sunday.  I went to service and realized as Pastor Rick was preaching that He was speaking to ME!!!!  It literally hit me upside the head.  "Pam, I have you where I want you. I put you there. I want you there. Make the most of where you are. Grow to the point that you are busting at the seams and then when I am ready, I will move you."  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  That is it.  Do what I have asked you to. Be content in where I have placed you. I was totally shocked.  I realized that He was speaking and it was up to me to respond. It was my choice.  My choice?  Listen and do what He asked!

5. Read Kay's description of the world's wealthy.  By her standards, are you wealthy? If so, do you concur with her assessment of "legitimate guilt"? Discuss why or why not.
This was something that really hit  me.  Have you ever thought about what you are blessed with?  First, He chose to place us here in America and you would think that after even watching TV for 5 minutes we would be so grateful for what we have.  To think that people around the world are dealing with so much and we are so blessed.  I have been blessed to go on several mission trips.  They have been blessings beyond belief and when I look at what we have here compared to them, it absolutely makes me feel guilty.  I know that after the first trip to India, it was very difficult because when we came home, I was ready to clean out everything, sell everything, move to a smaller house, give away my clothes, and everything. It is difficult to come home after a mission trip and try to help others to see what you have seen.  There are days that I come in and see what all is in my home and realize what all we have.  There are days when it would not bother me at all to back up my husbands truck, open the windows and start throwing things out the window because we have so much "Stuff".  Of course, I am not seeing that happen but don't think it has not gone through my head.  I have been so convicted at times that I have cleaned out my closet and taken things to Good Will just because I have so much and knowing good and well, there is no way I am going to wear it.  Now, let's get even more personal.  Do you have a storage unit?  I will admit, we do.  Now, when was the last time that there was something there that I needed?  2 YEARS!!!!!!  I am not going to do the math to figure out how much money goes out to pay to keep the "stuff" in that place that I don't need. Don't use. Don't even go and get anything.  Yes, we will be getting rid of this place in the next 2 months which I am so excited about.  Not only that we have that extra income but the free-ing experience of cleaning out a place but the fact that the "Stuff" that I have could be what someone needs.  Probably most of what is there will be donated. Donated to different places. Next Step Ministries. Good Will. Pregnancy Care Center. Room In The Inn.  What about you?  Do you have legitimate guilt about the things that you have? Legitimate Guilt about what and where you spend your money?  For sure, I have and with His help, He is directing me and my use of the the blessings that He has given me. 

For sure a lot to think about.  For sure a lot to consider. I would love to hear what you think.  Next Saturday we will visit again.  I can't wait to hear what you think. 
Let's close with the prayer that Kay had at the end of of the chapter. 
Father, you are disturbed by the misery you witness every day.  None of it escapes your notice, but, honestly, a lot of it escapes mine.  Forgive me for my complacency, my apathy, my ignorance.  Help me to see the world through your eyes.  I'm scared to surrender all to you; I'm not entirely sure I can trust you with what matters most to me.  But I want to know you; I want to love like you love, and hurt the way you hurt.  I want to live the adventure of risking it all for you.  I am saying yes to you right now, no matter what that yes entails.
Now it's your turn....SHARE!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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I was reading your post and I saw where you are going to be cleaning out your storage unit. I am in charge of organizing a yard sale to raise money for the mission trip we are going on at the end of June. If you come across ANYTHING you would like to donate, we will gladly take it.....:)