Friday, March 11, 2011

Praise the Lord it is Friday! AND Praying for those.....

As I have watched and read about what all is going on around the world this morning I was almost to the point of tears this morning.  I listened all the way to work about where the Tsunami was and where it was headed and was just overwhelmed with emotions.  I had sat and looked at the 102 pictures that were up on a local sites, probably Yahoo, of the devastation in Japan.  My heart just broke.  I think the thing about an earthquake is that they come without warning.  All of the sudden, everything starts shifting and shaking and for those in Japan, their world was either washed away or it is a heap of ruble. 
As I listened to KLove on the way to work and they were talking about the next place that it could hit would be Hawaii and then the western coast of the US and the time frame that they were talking about I could just feel the knot in my stomach getting that much bigger. It also reminded me as well that we may be the "Mighty USA"  but we are not immune!!!!! I logged in on the computers at work but of course we are not to be "watching TV/Internet" while we are at work and most of the times that I tried to get the latest, it would boot me out.  There was not much I could do but just sit and pray.
I can't even wrap my head around having life as we know it one minute and then it is completely gone, taken, and you have lost it all.  I can remember as a little girl during the winter and going to see my Grandparents in Greenville SC and my Granny and Daniel lived in Honea Path SC about 30-45 minute drive between the 2.  It was winter. It was cold and it had even snowed.  I remember the phone ringing in the middle of the night.  My Mom just kept saying, "Oh No, Oh No, is everyone OK?"  We were at my Grandparents in Greenville and I think it was my Aunt calling to let my Mom know that Granny and Daniels house was burning and nothing was left. I remember all of the phone calls, the traveling back and forth and the first time I saw it.  Even today so many years ago, I will forever remember that scene.  NOTHING!  I mean NOTHING!!!!  It was an old farm house.  Had a wood burning stove in the middle of one room.  I remember the HUGE kitchen and kitchen table that was in the middle and Granny preparing biscuits as only she could. I remember sleeping in the front room in the big bed. I remember the first time visiting after Granny and Daniel got married and realizing that I couldn't sleep in my Granny's room anymore because now there was "some man" in there.(we still laugh about that).  Remembering  that is the only way that I can wrap my mind around what has happened in Japan.
To loose it all.  It's just overwhelming.
It made me really stop and think today.  If something happened and I lost all of my possessions, where would I be?  What would I do? Where would I go? The one thing that CAN NOT BE TAKEN is my faith, trust, love and hope that I have in MY LORD AND SAVIOR!!!!!  What about you? What if you lived in Japan? What would you do? What would your response be? What could you hold on to? For sure something to think about.


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Joanne said...

YES! Thank you Pam for reminding me that if everything was taken--I would still Have Jesus Christ! I once had a dream that I lost my pocketbook and was so upset. For your family members and for those in Japan--it must be / was so hard....