Monday, March 21, 2011

A Very Sweet Woman!!!!!! My Great Aunt Valoree

The call came in on Saturday.  I knew she had not been well for a while and knew that things were not going to get any better.  She had taken her last breath earth-side and walked into the presence of her Jesus.  Can you imagine any other way of spending you Saturday morning?  I know I can't!!!!!

She was the sister of my Grandmother, my Dad's Mother.  She was one of those Aunts that you loved to go to their house.  She has 3 boys.  One was already in Glory when she got there and and so was Uncle Johnny.  They had both been called home way before her.  She still has 2 Sons here with their spouses and children.  I can't tell you of all of the memories.  They just keep flooding my brain and every time they do, I just loose it.  Makes me just miss my Grandmother and Papa and Granny that much more. 

I thought it would be good therapy to just write a few of the memories. That would help me and maybe help them, if they even know about this blog.  I'll share with my Mom and Dad and they can send it to them.

I can remember when I was way younger and Aunt Valoree sold MaryKay Cosmetics.  It was just when MaryKay was becoming big.  I mean the big pink Cadilac and everything.  That was her goal.  I just knew she wanted one.  I can remember her opening the closet that was off from the kitchen and there would be just miles high of little white boxes.  I remember her sitting me down and letting me do a "facial" and my Grandmother's reaction when she saw me in full make-up.  Remember I was about 10-12.  I loved every minute of it.  I do remember when she had earned the "Gold Bumble Bee".  I think it was a ring but it may have been a pin.  She was so proud of that bumble bee with all of those little tiny diamonds.

I remember that she always wanted to do something when she came over to Grandmothers and Papas.  She NEVER came in empty handed.  That was just a given that she would always have something in her hands.  It didn't matter if she had stopped at Winn-Dixie or if she had baked it or cooked it last night. She always had something. 

Of course one of my fondest was going to eat Pizza with my Grandparents and Aunt Valoree and Uncle Johnny.  We would go to Pizza Hut and eat thin crust peperoni and then we would leave and go roller skating.  The best part of going to eat at Pizza Hut was that all 3 of her sons (most of the time) would come to eat with us.  We would laugh and eat and just have a wonderful time.  I can even remember where that pizza place was because it was down from Bob Jones University.  Just the memories!!!!!!!! 

Tonight the family will recieve friends.  Amazing how many will come out.  Tomorrow they will celebrate a woman, mother, daughter, aunt, great aunt and great-geat aunt who walked in to the presence of Almighty God Saturday morning.  While I am so saddened for her children and all of the family left behind but what an awesome thought that she is no longer hurting. She is at peace and serving the Lord that she loves so very much!!!!!  I am so excited for her. Tomorrow will be a TOTAL CELEBRATION of who she was and what she is doing today.!!!!!!!  I hope her boys and their family know how much I loved her and how much I adore her.  Shoot, I am still wearing Mary Kay because of her!!!!!!  I love you Aunt Valoree!!!!!  You will be missed but we will see you again!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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