Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yeah!!!!  The computer is back and I am a happy camper.  That would be putting it mildly!!!!!!  There has been so much that has happened and so much to share I am not sure even where to start.  It is simply mind-blowing and overwhelming. 
First- we went to Reno NV for Hubby to bowl in the Nationals.  It was just awesome.  We had some interesting flights and lots of touch and go's there and back but it was all good and Hubby did great.  He hasn't flown in YEARS!!!!!  so nerves were there but he was just fine.  He even slept through the turbulence.  When I say, "touch and go", that is what it felt like.
Raleigh to Denver
Denver to Phoenix
Phoenix to Reno.
Home was....
Reno to Phoenix
Phoenix to Tampa
Tampa to Raleigh.
I was exhausted when we finally got home.  It was beautiful to see creation from 32,000 feet.  Gave a whole new appreciation for The Creator.  It was almost overwhelming. 
Since we have had computer issues since arriving back home, the pictures are on Hubby's work computer but I will see if I can get some and post them on here to share. 
Of course, Little Man was with MeMa and Papa while we were away and I think he entertained them the entire time we were gone.  He had a ball!!!!!!!!  I think they needed a rest once he left because they will get the other 2 in a couple of weeks and hopefully we will be down there shortly.
Kyle and a couple of buddies decided to take a trip to San Francisco while we were gone.  I was nervous but knew he would be fine and I am sure that he had a blast.  He got to eat at a lot of his favorite west coast restaurants.
School------well, I will be off to do my testing, maybe even Friday morning.  I am so nervous about that.  I actually love math and can't remember any of it.  English and reading is all good.  At least I will just get it over with and get signed up for my classes.
Work- Still not sure what the Lord is up to.  I have absolutely NO, Nada, None, Zero, Zilch, desire to go into nursing, or any form of it.  At the same time, the whole thought of doing Homebirth Midwifery is really pulling.  NC doesn't recognize that but there is a lot going on in the House in Raleigh to change all of that. My thought is to do the GTCC thing and on the side, take some classes for the CPM(Certified Professional Midwife) program. Just not sure.  Still praying and seeking!!!!!
Doula-Side- Have a Mom in July and one in August for right now.  That is all positive.
Childbirth Classes- One weeknight and one weekend for July.  So ready to teach again!!!!!

So, that is good for now.  I am sure there will more to come very soon.  I just have to get my thoughts together. 

Doula Mama Pam

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