Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cleaning Out!!!!!

Due to not working at the moment, I am getting done all of those "things" that you always put off. 
I have cleaned out the closet 3 times.
We no longer have a storage unit!!!  PTL!!!!
We have a clean storage area on the balcony
I have a box full of "stuff" to be shredded.
Organized until I am blue in the face.
Cleaned the kitchen and now time to work on the bathrooms
Then it will be the dreaded HALL CLOSET!!!!!
My Spring Cleaning became more like First of Summer Cleaning!!!

Not only cleaning up clutter that is visual but cleaning up me as well.
Since I have made the choice/decision/idea/crazy idea/declaration that
I will be returning to Myrtle Beach for the Dasanti Half Marathon, I have some changes.
No more Fast Food, UNLESS, it is a grilled chicken salad of some sort.
No fried foods at home.
The more fresh fruits and veggies the better.
VERY LEAN meat if at all.
Venture into the seafood a bit more!!!!
SALADS!!!!! because it's hot and doesn't require the heat of the kitchen
Whole Wheat pasta's and bread.
Well, you get the idea.  SMART choices and WISE choices.

Of course exercise is VERY IMPORTANT!!
That is why the side-bar has reappeared. It's called accountability!!
This way I am accountable to post it! Be honest! and hopefully maybe encourage you!!!
This is not about "How much weight can I loose", "How skinny can I get"
This is about taking care of Pam so that she can fulfill what the Lord has planned for her!!!!!!

If you are thinking or considering a big race, either a 1-Mile, 5K, 10K, Half or even Full Marathon, the BEST BOOK you can buy is "Marathoning For Mortals".  Written by John Bingham and Coach Jenny Hadfield.  The best money you will ever spend on any fitness book!!!!!!  EASY READ!!!!  Great thoughts, plans ideas and such.  LOVE IT!!!!!! 

I hope you all have a great day!  Do you have any big plans coming up? 
How are you doing on your Spring/Summer Cleaning???

Doula Mama Pam

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Cindy H said...

Had to laugh at the last questions... do I have any big plans coming up? Any cleaning going on? Uh, yes.