Friday, July 1, 2011

Side-Bar and Other Thoughts......

OK, so the "Side-Bar" got updated with "Cardio-Interval".  What in the world?  Well, I went this morning thinking that I didn't want to just run on the Treadmill.  That can get so boring so fast.  So I chose to do a little combination of all of my "favorite"(if you would call them that) things.
So this is what became of my version of Cardio-Interval.
Warm-Up 5 minutes on the treadmill just walking.
Running for 15 minutes-at a pretty good pace
Rowing Machine for 12 minutes and 2000 meters (I was actually UNDER 12 minutes and I wanted to do the Happy Dance-don't worry, I didn't!)
Elliptical for 15 minutes set on "Random"
Cardio-Climber- cross between a stair climber/elliptical/glider kind of machine-15 minutes.
I had a ball!!!!!  For sure something to consider if the same old same old routine is boring. 

Anyway, things are about to get going here.  Testing on Tuesday at the college and getting registered for some classes.  Thinking, praying, processing, praying and researching and did I mention praying about what to do.  Several options that I have considered that just keep coming around and around and around. 
*Early Childhood Education (love teaching little ones)
*Culinary Degree (something that just popped in my head today)
*Fitness/Nutrition (for sure a passion)
*Business (not my favorite but would consider)

So, if I were to break it down, it would look like this.......
*Early Childhood Education-
Working with children
Educating the future
Background and Base to open my own childcare
Pay is not all that great.
*Culinary Degree
Working with food
Cooking and preparing for others
Experimenting with new recipes
Not sure about pay- Catering-Spa or something of that nature
Change peoples' eating habits
Change the obesity epidemic
Teach people how to take care of themselves-properly
Educate people of the importance of nutrition and fitness
Pay-typically "OK" but not "GREAT"
Working for a large organization
Working for a small organization
9-5 Business world
Fear of lay-off
Positive- background to open my own.
Pay- typically pretty good

Funny how the world of Nursing and Medicine is not in there at the moment.  VERY strange! Yes, it could change tomorrow.  They are not in any kind of order.  Just things that I am thinking through at the moment. Without a shadow of a doubt, being a Doula and a Childbirth Educator are high!!!!!!!!!  Just need more clients and more students. 
So, if you could go back and do it all again....what would you do?????

Doula Mama Pam

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