Saturday, July 30, 2011

So are you thinking about running......?????

Things that I LOVE about running is the "Stuff"!!!!!!  I could buy "stuff" to live in.  When I was working full time, I wore scrubs ALL the time.  Real people clothes were only worn when going to church on Sunday.  Otherwise, I wore PJ Pants and a T-Shirt when I got home or else it was athletic shorts and T-Shirts on Saturdays.  I had clothes but just didn't really have the opportunity to wear them.  All of that being said....
Give me the Nike Outlet with a huge sale or the Champion Outlet or even the Adidas Outlet and it is like heaven!!!!!!
Soooooo......Things that I LOVE and are real necessities for running..........
SHOES!!!!!- Please get the right shoes.  Wrong Shoes is setting you up for failure!!!!!!  If you are around here in the Triad- go to Off'N'Running.  Their link is here.  Their stuff is awesome.  Don't know what kind of shoe you need?  They will put you on a treadmill and watch you run.  Seeing how your feet strike the ground and recommend a shoe for you.  THEY ARE NOT CHEAP!  They are an investment.  They are worth EVERY penny!!!!!!!  At the same time, you only wear them when you run.  That is what they are for.  LOVE great running shoes.  My favorites are Brooks.  They are just awesome!!!!!!  Other's that are fabulous would be New Balance, Sauconi, Mizuno's, and Asics. 
SHIRT- I know this a no-brainer but a very important one.  PLEASE GET A Dri-Wick shirt or tank.  It does just that.....wicks away the sweat and you stay sooooo much cooler.  DO NOT RUN IN A 100% cotton T-shirt or tank.  It will weigh a 100 pounds when you are done!!!!!!!  You can get these at Target and they are very reasonable.  Don't dry them!!!!!  Hang them up or put them out side to dry.  The dryer will break down the Dri-Wick.
PANTS/SHORT/SKORTS----These are a must!!!!!!  My favorite are compression shorts and leggings.  Shorts for the summer and pants for the winter.  They feel great. They look great.  Here again, get the ones that have the Dri-Wick in them.  DO NOT GET GRAY COTTON SHORTS!!!!!!  When you sweat.....well it looks like you didn't make it to the potty as we say in our house.  You can also get just running shorts and for us ladies, there are "Skorts".  They are wonderful!  They have compression shorts on the inside and are skirts on the outside.  Check out Champion here. to give you an idea. 
SPORTS BRA....for the Ladies......My biggest rule of thumb is NO BOUNCE!!!!!  You can go to any website with athletic wear and see "How to buy the right sports bra".  This is so key.  My rule of thumb is no clasp or zippers and at least one size smaller than you would normally buy.  Snug fitting but able to breathe.  Make sense?  Now, Champion has one of my friends favorites.  You have look and try on.  This again is an investment.  Wick-ing material is key with this as well.
So, now that you have all of the information about what you need........what are you going to do with it?  That is the question!!!!!!!

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