Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Verdict

Were you shocked?
Were you sad?
Were you mad?
Were you angry?
Post your response in the comment section
If you are a Christian, what should our response be?

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Heather Ellis said...

I have to say, I didn't watch the trial. I didn't really follow the trial on the internet. I didn't even know the verdict was to decided on today. The reason why is because it doesn't matter. As a Christian, I am called to love others, even the unlovable, even the murderers, even the sex offenders, period. Not because I want to, but because Christ commanded me to; for He loves them and His blood was shed to redeem them just as it was shed to redeem me in all of my own sinfulness. One of the saddest things I witnessed today was remarks made by "good Christian people" who condemned her, hated her, and judged her without knowing what our Almighty Father knows, for only He can see the truth and see the intentions of our hearts and He alone will be the sole judge and jury over all of us, as we will all stand before Him. What I see is a missed opportunity to show Christ in our actions. I imagine there is not a person involved in that trial that really is walking away from this "free", for all have been condemned and marked and now have a lifetime to live out the fear, guilt, sadness, pain, suffering that the horrible tragedy of the death of a precious, innocent little girl has brought to all of them. I hope they are able to find a church that can minister to them, that they may be saved, and fulfill Christ's commands to love them not for their actions, but because He does.