Sunday, July 31, 2011

Praising The Lord for HIS TIMING!!!!!!

When I started out working as a Doula and knowing that it would require not only much of myself but much of my family.  Basically having to leave at a moment's (within the hour) notice and head to a hospital would be a stretch.  Not to mention, when I first started doing this, I was working full time as well.  I had so many people tell me....
"There is no way!"
"How can you do that?"
"What about work?"
Well, let's just say, that almost 4 years into this, I have been blessed beyond all things.  I knew I was doing what He was asking me to do no matter what.  It has been a blessing with every delivery.  I haven't missed any major holidays and NEVER MISSED WORK!!!!  The longest was 23+ hours and the shortest was a birth within 30 minutes after my arrival.  Early this morning I was blessed once again to be apart of another powerful Mom and Dad bringing their little girl into this world.  It amazes me every time.  In 36 deliveries, there are NONE that are the same.  NOT ONE!!!!!! 
Part of this praising has to do with HIS timing.  You have to understand that in my brain when a client is due soon, there is this panic button that seems to get pushed.
What if I am out of town?
What if I am sick?
What if it is snowing 12 inches outside?(This really happened!)
What if Bo is at work and I can't leave Kaleb?
Well, as most of you know I am getting ready to register for school. I have a "class" that I HAVE to attend on Tuesday from 1-430pm.  So we are already past her due date.  My panic button got pushed the day they scheduled my class 4 weeks ago.  As time was drawing closer, I just kept telling Him....You have to do this because I can't. Well, once again just like He does.......She called me yesterday and we had an awesome birth early this morning and I don't have to worry about missing anything on Tuesday.  Can you say.....AMEN and PRAISE THE LORD?!!!!!  WHOOHOO!!!!! 
He is so good!
He is so good ALL THE TIME!!!!!
He already knows.  STOP WORRYING!!!!!!

Well, thank you for your time and visit and just wondered.......what can you or are you praising Him for????

Doula Mama Pam

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