Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh My!!!! CHANGES AGAIN!!!!!

Well, once again, back out at the school.  I went the other day to do the testing and the computer locked up right before I was finished.  I was told to come back.  I thought "if I have to do the math part again, I am going to go back to work and push papers for the rest of my life".  I walked in this morning and Praise The Lord, it picked up where I left off!!!!!!  3 articles to read and answer questions!!!!  WHOOO HOOO!!!!!

I passed the Reading Test and the Writing Test.  Not so good on the Math but I am really OK with that.  You have to remember I haven't done Algebra since I was in High School and 1 year of College.  That was in can do the math on that....hahahaha.  I did think it was quite funny when I went in the first time and they handed me a calculator that had all of these functions on it and I was CLUELESS as to what they were and what they meant and how to use the thing.  I just had to laugh!!!!!

I have always said that the Lord does not lay out the plan for your life and say..."Here you go, what do think about this?"  I wrote the post the other day about what I was looking at.  Note..... I said what I was looking at.  As I considered and prayed, things were changing in my head and in my heart.  I even went to a cookout on Sunday evening and was so excited because I wanted to tell Cindy that I was going to do Early Childhood Education.  EVERY TIME I got within 2 feet of her to say something, someone walked up or Kaleb needed something or was wanting to show me something.  I was so frustrated.  I finally just spoke to her and said I would see her this week. I was coming to the realization that being layed off from the job that I was good at and decided that I would be there til I retired was affecting me in such a negative way. I was settling for something that my heart was not in.   It was very strange. 

When I went to the school on Tuesday to do the testing and they asked me what my major would be....out of my mouth came "I'm going into the Nursing Program".  I thought I was going to fall over. Excuse me but would someone please tell me who said that? That is NOT what I thought. That is NOT what I was thinking.  The Lord was. That was Him. I have no doubt.  I walked into the computer room to do the testing and said. "OK Lord, if you want me in the Nursing Program, YOU will have to do this. I can't"  You see, the Nursing Program is VERY difficult to get into.  It is VERY limited and based on points.  The process to get in is 5 pages long.  Very overwhelming when I look at it.  Of course, when He looks at it, it's not a problem at all.  So, all of that being said, I am overwhelmingly excited that I am going to school, 25 years later to finish what I started.  Maybe I should say, what He started!!!!!!! 

Join me on this journey!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam- Nursing Student!!!!

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