Thursday, December 31, 2009

Answers To Tuesdays Thoughts

Well, this was not good. If you checked here earlier there was nothing on the page.....DUH!!!!! That is what happens when you try to pre-post and it doesn't work. Not very smart!!!!!!
Ok, answers to the questions that I posed on Tuesday this week.
1- Did you complete your resolutions that you made this year? The answer to that would be.....NOT!!!!
- I didn't get to sign up for the race I was really hoping to go back and do in Myrtle Beach in 2010.
-I didn't lose the weight that I have fought all year. (Honestly, I didn't try all that hard....all you have to do is read the Not Me Monday's to see that)
-I did not get the job change I was hoping for but I have not given up.
-I did not figure out a way to keep my children little and dependent on me. The old saying "putting a brick on your head to stop you from growing" is not an option.
2- Most exciting part of 2009
-Watching my children grow up
-Celebrating a 1 year marriage anniversary
-Helping all of the women become Mom's
-Jumping into becoming a Childbirth Educator
-Seeing close friends from the Ukraine when they came to the states
-Becoming a Certified Perinatal Fitness Instructor
There is so much more but so not enough room to write.
3-What did you struggle with the most in 2009?
- Learning what tough love is
-Learning to let you child make decisions and watch them fail.
-Struggling to keep my hands off and letting go when it's time.
4-What did God do for me this year?
-There is not a blog big enough for me to write this one out. He has been my Rock, My Healer, My Deliverer, My Strength, My Everything!!!!!
5-What is your greatest accomplishment?
-Maintaining my sanity when life felt like it was total chaos (but that was ONLY because of Him and my awesome Hubby)
-Certification pending in 2 areas and looking forward to what He would have me do with them.

Ok, now it's your turn........What are the answers to your questions????????
Have a great New Year's Eve!!!!!!!!! Be safe!!!!!!
Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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