Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday's Ramblings

There is so much I would love to write about today but not really sure where to start.
Life in the Kennedy household is just nuts it's seems lately. We have had so much going on but I think that is the same in every home lately. As Christmas is so very fast approaching, things seem to even get a little worse. Have you ever had those days when you think "If I could have just one day"? I know I have had that a lot lately and that "one day" does not seem to come very often and when it does, my list is so long there is no way on this earth that I could ever get done all that I want or need to do.
I don't think this is the way that life should be. It should be busy but not THIS busy. Speaking, not only for us, but in talking to other families that I know, we have something on Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night as well. We finally make it to Friday and there is always something that thrown in at the last minute on that night as well and the weekend is shot before we ever get there.
In all of the busy-ness, I have chosen to take some time over the next couple of weeks prior to January and really look at calendars and schedules and what is coming up that we have already planned for and really look at what is going on and what can we say "No" to and what are we committed to. Things that we are committed to would be first, Our Lord and His plan. Second would be husbands and wives and children. Everything else seems to need it's place but we have to meet with the Lord first. I heard it once said that if your vertical relationship is right then the horizontal will be right. First is finding our what He would have "us" and "me" to do. The other "stuff" that seems to want our attention maybe things that we need to put to the side. This is not easy. I am not one that says "No" to anyone and that is usually what gets me into this busy-ness. Come January 1st, I'm praying that I get better at saying "No" to people and more "Yes" to what the Lord is asking of me.
What are somethings that you struggle with? Are you and your family to "busy"? Feel free to share your thoughts......

Laboring with You,
Doula Mama Pam

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