Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here we are again on this countdown to Christmas. Looking for that special something to put in a cookie tin or a special little container. This is my oldest son, Kyle's, favorite thing that Mom makes during the holiday's. If he finds out it is at the house, he will be knocking on the door to get some. It's also a GREAT way to take out any stress or frustration you maybe feeling during the holidays, not that any of have that.....LOL

Kyle's Peppermint Bark

1 bag of Chocolate Melts ( You can use White, Dark or Milk Chocolate)
1 handful of small candy canes or small star burst peppermints (the little round red and white ones)
1 Cookie sheet covered in parchment paper or tinfoil
1 small hammer (told you it was good for frustration and stress)

Melt chocolate as directed. While chocolate is melting, take the peppermint candy of choice and hit it with the hammer on a cutting board. (LEAVE IT IN THE WRAPPER OR YOU WILL HAVE A MESS!!!!!) Once all the chocolate is melted and you are stress fee, unwrap the candy into the chocolate. Stir until well mixed. Pour melted chocolate onto the cookie sheet and spread out evenly. Place in refrigerator to harden. Do not put away the hammer yet. Once the chocolate has hardened, you are ready for the final preparation. Take a clean kitchen towel and flip the chocolate on to the towel. Peel off the tinfoil or parchment paper. Cover with another towel and hammer away until you get the size of bark that you want. I usually go no bigger than my palm. This is up to you. Then place your bark into containers and be prepared to watch it disappear!!!!!!!

Hope you have fun with this one!!!!!!

Laboring and Cooking With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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