Tuesday, May 18, 2010

International Doula Month- Post #3

This is written by one of my biggest supporters in the office. A friend, mentor, my physican, prayer partner and a Midwife with MD behind his name. Thank you so much Dr. D for sharing.

A doula cares for my patients. I love real doulas. I do not love a couch sitter. That is what family members think they should do sometimes. I had such a doula once, and I told her to leave the room.

A doula is the mother's greatest non-spousal friend. She comforts and cares, lives for the moment coming along with the mom-to-be. She caresses the hair...of the soul. She uses physical touch...to touch the mom's spirit. She works through ancient pathways that the Chinese have known for centuries and centuries, that there is life in those reflexes, and I don't mean kicking the hammer back. Touch the pain. Touch the fear. Touch the anxiety. Acu-doula can do all these things. Touch the heart...that is doula territory. Expect the brain relaxation, a knowledge that the doula may know, that will come from lyang lyang, and lavender, and the stimulation and energy of peppermint. A doula has eyes that see. They see the need before the need. They anticipate and do not hesitate, for it is all about the mother. Mothering the mother.

You are that doula I'm talking about, dear Pam. Pam...mothering the mother. I pray for you, Pam, every day. Who's the lucky mom today? Oh...I'm Dr D. Dr Doula-doc.

Laboring With You,

Doula Mama Pam

1 Sam. 12:23

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