Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Me Monday

Well, to say it has been a while would be an understatement. I was about to bust to share this and almost did last week because I was not sure I could wait until today to share it. So let's get started.

Last Thursday evening it was nice outside and the hubby and I ended up sitting on the balcony of the condo. Seemed harmless enough. Not a big deal.....WRONG!!!!! Little Man has this thing for the door being open. He can't stand it. If I open it to let fresh air in, he will for sure close it. Anyway, we are sitting there and he is in and out and in and out. Next thing we know....SLAM!!! Door is closed. No big deal, it wasn't locked. Right, the door was not locked but he decided to DEADBOLT the door. Well, here we are sitting on the balcony, 2nd floor, and we both have our keys. One small problem....we changed the lock on the front door and not on the balcony and took off the old key........NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! So, here we sit, laughing at ourselves and Little Man inside looking through the curtain saying "Come in now Daddy" and "Come in now Mommy" and having no idea that he has locked the door. Thank goodness Bo has his phone with him. Now starts the question...."Whoyagonnacall?" Start with Kyle.......hoping and praying he is at home. After he finished laughing, he came to our rescue. He doesn't live THAT far away. After he got there, I asked what took so long....."Had to post this on Facebook before I came over" I could have died!!!!!! Yes, we will be getting a key to the other door SOON!!!!!!!

One last quick one. Went to eat yesterday with Bo's brother and his family. It was Jeff's birthday!!!!!! Well, Kaleb stayed in his seat, ate his entire lunch and then some and was GREAT!!!! SOOOO VERY PROUD!!! We talked about going home and resting when Bo thought "You were so good in the restaurant, lets stop at Toy's R Us" You have got to be kidding me......... We stopped......and we looked at EVERY toy in the store. We stayed for over an hour!!!!!!!!! We laughed and laughed....he just kept say "Now let's see" and then he would walk to the next isle...."Now let's see". We were exhausted!!!!!!!!!!

So what have you been up to? Got anything to tell on yourself about?????

Have a great Monday!!

Laboring with You,

Doula Mama Pam
PS- Tomorrow, I get to share in honor of International Doula Month a "Testimony" from a client.............

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midwest mama said...

Ha! I can't tell you the number of times hubby about died when he thought our youngest son had locked us out---he was going through his shut the door and lock it phase...and still is, lol.