Tuesday, May 25, 2010

International Doula Month- Testimony!!!!!!!

Having a doula was something I had never thought about until I became pregnant. All the planning began the minute I saw that little plus sign. My co-worker and friend Pam was a doula and told me what all she offered during the birthing process. She shared that she would be there as an extra set of hands, help me with pain relieving techniques, take pictures, and be there as someone who's seen it before. My husband used her as our go to person for all of our silly questions. I was determined to have as natural birth as possible and Pam was there to help me acheive that. I had no idea how much help she truly would be. Pam helped us put together and acheive our goals for a birth plan. My husband says that the minute she walked in the door at the hospital I was immediately more calm and relaxed. During the latter part of my labor when the contractions were the most intense, I needed to lean on my husband. Pam came in behind me and massaged my lower back. It was THE thing I needed and I wouldn't have even know to ask. Labor was an intense emotional time and I needed someone there that knew what i needed without me telling them. I have an incredible husband that helped me through a lot of the delivery, but he's only one person and could only do so much. Somehow Pam also managed to take pictures, massaged my hands and arms during pushing, and stayed with me during the delivery of the placenta when everyone else was "oohing" over ther baby. After 29 hours of labor with NO pain meds, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was my relief, my extra set of hands, my comfort, and my friend. I couldn't have done it without my doula Pam!

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