Wednesday, May 26, 2010

International Doula Month- Testimony Time

I first met Pam because she works at my Drs office. I remember feeling so completely comfortable with her.
I decided to have her as my Doula very late in my pregnancy ( actually, I think it was about week before delivery!). Pam had to jump through hoops to be there for us, but she was- every step of the way. I was induced for over 36 hours and Pam would come see us before work, after work, and on her lunch. She would sit and talk to me about all kinds of things. I am a worrier by nature , and Pam always had a remedy to whatever I happened to be panicing about at the moment! One thing I remember is telling her in no uncertain terms that I had NO desire to be brave and tough, I just wanted the epideral right off the bat, no questions asked. Without being judgemental or telling me I was wrong, she simply educated me on the whole process, and gave me lots of reasons that I might really not want it without trying natural labor first. I ended up with an emergency C section, but I know that I would have tried the natural birth after our conversation.
After my daughter was born, she had to stay in the hospital for close to two weeks because she would not eat. Pam checked on us on a regular basis, prayed for us, and was a shoulder for me to lean on at a time when I was very scared for my new little girl.
I think especially for a first time mother it is just very comforting to have some one there beside you, to encourage, to coach and to hold your hand when needed. Pam is not just the person I chose to have in my delivery with my husband and I. She has become a very special friend and I would recommend her services to everyone.

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