Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Testimony Tuesday

Well, I had to borrow today from my church's women's ministry blog. Today over there is Testimony Tuesday. Feel free to click on the heart and it will take you over there and you can read and be encouraged. Anyway, it was a great weekend and a long one at that and not to mention a very much needed one for sure. Anyway, I have needed to sit down and tell about this for a couple of days but couldn't seem to find the time to do it. So, let's get going.......
Giving Testimony to what He can do when you are doing what He has called you to do.
I had a delivery last week. It was at a local hospital and we were just waiting for him to make his entrance. No concern over induction or anything of that nature. I on the the other hand was experiencing a brief episodes of panic when I would try to figure out all the "What ifs". I have discovered with every delivery I do this. Anyway, it was a normal day at work with a lot going on. My husband works at a nursing home and "The State" had decided to do their evaluation. STRESS WAS SOOOO VERY HIGH!!!!!! Anyway, I went about my day as usual. I had a new OB interview at 4pm. When I stopped in my office to pick up something my phone beeped. A message was left and a missed call from "Mom". "My water broke". Perfect!!!!! I called her back, she was calm and getting things together. It was almost time for me to leave. Perfect! Her last delivery was a VERY LONG ONE!!!! I was nervous for her but decided to see how things went and just put it in His hands. Got to the hospital at 6pm. Forgot to eat dinner on the way....ooops! Made it through the hours with her and hubby in the shower, walking the hallways, walking in the room, sitting on the side of the bed, doing great and it was VERY intense. She opted for an epidural. (This was 9:45pm-remember this time). There was a 20 minute wait because they were in another room so she opted for Stadol. Went through the effects of Stadol with her and she was READY. 20 beautiful minutes of perfect rest. Total relaxation. She was only at 3 1/2 to 4 when she got the Stadol. THEN, it started to wear off. She was wide awake and the tears were coming. Then the statement that you wait to hear "I gotta push". I thought, there is no way. You were just 3-4 20 MINUTES AGO!!!! I had to leave due to hospital regulations during the epidural. I took a wrong turn because this is not the hospital I was familiar with. I turned around and there was "Dad". "You need to get back in here". I was fearful something was terribly wrong. No, nothing wrong, just time to have a baby. After 5 pushes, we had a very healthy, happy, beautiful baby boy!!!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! Baby born at 10:42. WOW!!!!!!!
HE was so totally at work. Here are the parts that I just love........
He had me to receive the phone call at the right time at work.
No problems leaving work.
Kaleb was taken care of thanks to my AWESOME husband who supports me so much in the life of being a DOULA!!!!
No problems with delivery.
It was a fast delivery.
No problem with having to miss work......THIS IS THE 25th BABY and STILL NO INTERFERENCE WITH WORK!!!!!!
Home before to late.
I had no money (cash) in my wallet when I was leaving and worried about how to get out of the parking deck.
Praying all the way to the car and when I got to the gate.......It was wide open and NO FEE TO BE PAID!!!!!!!
Safe travel home.
McDonalds drive thru is open late.
Had about 4 hours of great sleep and back to work the next day.

Just needed to share this morning!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!

Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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chadandnikki said...

You gotta love it when He's in charge and it's obvious.