Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thinking Thursday

Well, it's that kind of day. Thinking........Thinking....... and Thinking again. Sometimes I think that we just think to much. Do you ever feel like that? I k now I do and when I get in this "Thinking" mode it usually gets me in trouble. Well, hopefully this will not be a post that will do that but just wanting to share some thoughts and get some ideas and feedback!!!!! So with all of that being said, let's get started

I went thru sometime here recently where I question why I do what I do. Have you done that? I know that I work full time. I have come to the realization that He has me here for a reason. I don't doubt that for a moment. At the same time I want so much more. More for myself and my family as well as my patients and clients. There are so many opportunities that I see and that others don't see. If there was a way to take off the blinds I would but He doesn't allow me to do that and that is up to Him and not me.
Do you have dreams? I think that we all do. I know that I have them. My problem lies in the fact that they are exactly that...My Dreams/Desires. I was listening to the radio the other day and they had one of the newest Contemporary Christian Artist on and I think it was Britt Nicole. I could be wrong but she made a statement that has kind of stuck with me. She was talking about when she was younger and trying to "make it in the music industry". She stated, "I gave my dreams over to the Lord and let Him do with them what He saw fit".....WOW!!!!! I have had that stuck in my head for about a week. My first thought was "What are your dreams?" Of course the brain started thinking and here we are a week later and I am still making my list. I thought I would share it here and then as things start happening or He chooses to change me and in turn change my DREAMS. I hope that makes sense.
So, sharing from my heart, I give you my list.
What I would love is if you would share yours. The comment section is big enough so feel free to type away!!!!!!
1-To be all that He has created me to be.
2-To be and do what He desires for me.
3-To be the Godly Wife, Mother and friend that I can.
4-To be a Birth Doula at the office that I work in
5-To be a Childbirth Educator at the office I work in.
6-To be a Lactation Counselor at the office I work in.
7-To be a Personal Trainer/Fitness Nut (that's the only way I can word that one)
8-To be an encouraging Blogger for those that read.
9-To write a book about my life experience
10-To follow what He wants me to do and if that means, things have to come off of "My List", I would be and will accept it.

Now that I have shared, it's your turn.
What are your desires?
What does your heart want you to do?
Can't wait to read!!!!!!!!!!
Laboring With You,
Doula Mama Pam

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Cindy H said...

I had to laugh at the list because there are some that I cannot relate to at all (fitness and gym), and then there was one that I thought I was the only one I knew who had this on their list.

1) To be all God created me to be. To discover how the puzzle piece called Cindy fits into the puzzle of life that God has placed me in.

2) To be used by God in a way that I cannot take credit for.

3) To be in Spain reaching a country that is more lost than I ever realized.

4) To demonstrate to my children by reaching for the first three goals what a Godly woman, wife, mother, and just a regular believer looks like.

5) To write a book.

6) To get my PhD.

7) To be in Spain.