Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WOW Wednesday

Ok, confession time. It's really Tuesday night when I am writing this but I just couldn't help myself. It's 11:17pm and I am wide awake and my adrenaline is going so therefore I do what any other Blogger would do....BLOG!!!!!
Just finished watching "Losing it with Jillian". First thing off the top......
LOVE IT!!!!!! I can remember the first season of Biggest Loser and to compare that Jillian with today's Jillian is totally different. It has been a transformation on her behalf and she may have no idea but I can see it. It's just amazing.
Second....I am so totally motivated I could just bust. I watched tonight about the young lady who had the Gastric Bypass at 21. She is a beautiful young woman. At the same time, her physical body is obviously VERY different but in her head, she was still the "big girl". She couldn't accept a compliment and even confessed it was all in her head. WOW!!!!! I have never had Gastric Bypass surgery but I know exactly what she is talking about. I was that "big girl". I've been there when you are young and have to go to "The Big Girl" section. When EVERYTHING you buy is XL or worse, XXL. When you don't want to sit on a ride at the park because you can't breath when they put the bar down in front of you. You dread summer coming. You hate the mirror. You dread getting dressed everyday. It's not a place that I would wish on anyone. I have some AWESOME friends and family that pushed me to run for 30 seconds on the treadmill just one time and they promised they would leave me alone. I did it to get them to be quiet and over 50 pounds later, they still push me. I have caught the running, change in lifestyle, change in eating habits and I refuse to go there again.
I watched tonight as this young woman confronted her issues and thought to myself as I heard Jillian use THAT word again .....CHOICE!!!! Failure is a CHOICE was the wording that she used. I can make lots of choices every day. Even with the present weight that I am, I still have about 20-25 more to get rid of. So, here are my CHOICES that I CAN make.....
CHOOSE to go to the gym when I am tired.
CHOOSE to eat what I should and not necessarily what I want.
CHOOSE to drink the water that I know that I need.
CHOOSE to be the person that He created me to be.
CHOOSE to accept a compliment when given.
CHOOSE to believe it when someone tells me that I look great.
CHOOSE to believe that quiting is NOT an option.
CHOOSE to believe and push further than the last workout.
CHOOSE to do more because I can because of Him.
What do you need to CHOOSE today?

Doula "Running the Race" Mama Pam

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