Thursday, January 20, 2011

2 Quick Things

First, I enjoyed reading over yesterday's post/quote so much I have chosen to pull it apart and make it into several post.  Very excited! We will see how that goes!!!!!!!!

Second.....This is a huge question for you and I am really hoping for a lot of responses from friends, family and even the "Lurkers" that come by, read and never leave a comment.  You can even leave it anonymous if you want to. I don't need a name.  More just curious than anything.  I was having a conversation with a VERY CLOSE friend the other day.  There was a question brought up.
I will pose the question and then I will share my list tomorrow. 

What makes you happy? (can be people, place, things, activities etc)

Can't wait to see what you post.

Doula Mama Pam


Tara said...

What makes me happy?
Homeschooling my kids
Starbucks with a friend
Popcorn with the hubby and our favorite TV show
Any music by Kari Jobe or Shannon Wexelburg
A great book
Time at Abba's feet

Anonymous said...

What makes me happy?

this is a deep question looks superficial on the outset but in reality, you have to define happy. Happy is a choice, things do not make you happy, people do not make you happy, how you react to people and things determine wheather or not your reaction to it will be what we call happy. everyone has a different make up of happy, some smile, some chuckle, some have a feeling of being loved. Happiness is a personal decision each and everyone of us make each moment through out the day and through out our lives. i beleive your happiness is dependent on your views of life, you relationship with Christ and where you are in your life. What made you happy yesterday may not be what makes you happy a year from now, if you do not make it a choice to be happy