Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's THAT Word.....

If you have been following me for a while or even just found me, you know that I have a "Word" this year. You can go here and read about my Word for the Year.  Choose/Choice would be the word. 
So, now that we are caught up. I just have to share something with you.  It just keeps coming up and I am praying that I "get" it this year.  I am not sure if I will but I believing that I will. 
So, let us back up just a little bit and tell you about how this word keeps coming in to everyday conversation, lectures, Sunday Sermons and even in small groups of discussion it's THAT word!!!!!!  Isn't He good!!!!  He is such an awesome Teacher. 
So we are working on somethings for the house and things have not gone the way that we would have liked. We should have been done 2 months ago but we are FINALLY almost finished.  All of that being said, I can choose to get angry/frustrated/fuss/fight/and all of those other things or I can wait and watch. Do what needs to be done and realize that there are things that we can not control.
So, BSF started back after our Christmas break. The week we were to return it snowed.  The next week, Little Man had been home all day sick with Daddy and I had worked and there was no way that I could leave and go to so I stayed home.  I finally made it back last night.  I had my lesson done. I was ready. I got there early. I was ready to hear what He had.  I had made the choice to be there, and ready to hear what He had.  It was just awesome.  It has made such a difference. 
This won't be to much longer I promise. 
I picked up a book that I have read over and over and over but for some reason picked it up the other day to re-read it again.  At the same time I had picked up "The Love Dare" 40 day challenge at the church library.  I thought...."I can do this"  "I love my husband, it cant be THAT hard".  Of course I open the book on the first day in not so many words was a challenge and of course that word.....CHOICE/CHOOSE.  I almost fell of the bed reading it. 
It's almost like the Lord re-writes the book and puts that word in huge, bold, red print. 
Last night during the lecture, if JoAnn said "choice", "choose", "chose" one time, she said it a hundred times.  I am sure that the women around me couldn't help but wonder why I had this smile plastered on my face. 
So, this morning, I am reading my Notes that we are given at BSF for next week.  It's everywhere.  So, as I walked out the door this morning, I just prayed that the Lord would help me to choose to have a good day. To focus on Him.
Not to focus on the frustrations.
Not the overwhelmed feeling.
Not the amount of jelly-beans that I have to work on but Him!
It's all about Him anyway!!!!!!

I hope you are having a great day.  Keep your focus on Him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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Tara said...

Hoping you are choosing to still be my friend. Sorry about yesterday.