Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just A Couple of Things......

I start teaching this week.  I am so very excited and a nervous wreck all together.  Enough to make your stomach be in knots and your heart race.  We start Group Prenatal Class here in the office this week.  We will be doing it on Thursdays.  2 Sessions. 9am and 2pm.  It's going to be great once it gets off the ground. It has taken a lot of work and reading and evaluating and getting things ready but I know that the Lord put it together and that is all that matters.
Next, I start teaching this Saturday at Peaceful Beginnings ,here in Greensboro, Natural Childbirth Education.  Basically childbirth education from the totally natural aspect. It is going to be great.  I have 5 couples in my class so we keep it small and one on one.  It is just perfect.  A great way to get my feet wet.  LOVE IT!!!!!!!  I have it all in my head and most on paper and now I just have to make sure that I am not fumbling when I get there on Saturday morning. 
We are back in session at BSF which is a blessing within itself and it just overwhelms me at times about how He works.  I have a post about THAT WORD for the year.  You can check back about that later.  It will be full but so worth reading!!!!!!!! And by the way, in one of my post about THAT WORD I talked about my friend Sue who had by-pass surgery about 4 weeks ago....well, she posted on Facebook that "Ms. Daisy don't need to be drivin' anymore!"  Thank you Lord for healing!!!!!!  She is doing GREAT!!!!!  I keep waiting for her to call me to ask me for Tofu ideas but she hasn't yet.....hahahaha!!!!!  Just glad she is doing better and feeling like a new woman!!!!!!! 

I hope your day is great.  Are you planning a Super Bowl party?  Are you preparing your favorite foods?  I will share my favorites over on Doula Mama In The Kitchen so you will have to check those out!!!!!!  Some are actually not bad for you!!!!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!!!! 

Chat with you again soon.
Doula Mama Pam

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