Friday, February 18, 2011

Wonderful Friday!!!!!

This is a wonderful day so far.  I have worked down my jellybeans at the office and may be able to leave a little early which I would LOVE to do!!!!!!  We will have to see.
 This has been one of those wonderfully, weird, fatigued, fun, feeling sick, exhausted, excited and long weeks. You know what I mean?

Great dinner with the hubby and Little Man on Valentines
Kyle still sick
Homeowners Association meeting on Tuesday evening
Hubby now on the Board of the HOA
Wednesday was a tough day with busy and payment plans for patients
Thursday was running and doing and watching jellybeans pile in
Kyle still sick
Rec'd news at work of the loss of a coworker
Kaleb coughing part of the night- not much sleep
Kyle has a touch of bronchitis---Antibiotics and nasal spray on board (YEAH!!!!)
Jellybeans are cleared
Payment plans for everyone are complete
Kaleb, I am sure,is having a great day at school...after all it is "Show and Share" day.
Medicine tonight for the Little Man
Kyle goes to work
Bo goes bowling
Kaleb and Mommy night.
Tomorrow other than hitting the trail to run........(I am sure it will be short but I am so excited I could bust)
SATURDAY WE HAVE NO PLANS!!!!!!!!  For the first time in months.....
WE HAVE NO PLANS!!!!!!!Part of me just wants to come home from the trail, work and read through my BSF stuff.  Work on Childbirth Classes and maybe clean up a bit.  I have no desire to go ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! 
Busy-ness is getting to me!!!!!!!!
What's on your agenda for the weekend?
Hope you have a wonderful one!!!!!! 
Weather is suppose to be wonderful here!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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Tara said...

Busyness reaks havoc on my life.
And yes you may use some of that post if that is what you were asking.