Monday, February 21, 2011

I Thought I Was Going To Die!!!!

Well, I really did!!!!!!  This weekend was the weekend I was to be in Myrtle Beach running the Bi-Lo Half Marathon with my friend Ashley.  Several weeks ago, I had posted about finally biting the bullet and admitting to myself that I was not ready and I was not going to be able. Ashley and I had talked and talked and talked and finally chose to go and run this weekend.  It was suppose to be a beautiful morning and I was so excited.  We went to our usual stomping ground and just thought "we will just do what is comfortable and just play it by how we feel"  No big deal right???????
Thank goodness we did not see a lot of people.  Everyone must have been at Myrtle Beach.  We walked and then we decided to start running.  That was the longest 2 1/2 minutes of my life. 
I couldn't breathe. 
I couldn't talk.
I thought I was going to die!!!!!!!
Then I realized that Ashley was right there with me.  Neither one of us had run in months. 
We laughed!!!
We fussed!!!!
We swore we would never wait this long again!!!!!! 
Where is the Motrin.....I'm talking 800mg please!!!!!
We managed to arrange it so that if we saw people coming we would just smile and not breathe. Once they got past us we would want to collapse. 
I am the optimist...(We were headed to the last part) "I can see the cars"
Ashley the pessimist..."They are still a long ways off"
We had so much fun but knew we would pay a price later that afternoon and the weekend. 
Well, I am pleased to say that I can still walk. I have little twinges every now and then but all in all I don't feel bad.  Our time was THE PITS!!!!!!  I would never post it and would never tell a soul.  We are back in it and we will NOT do that again!!!!!!!! 
We are looking to set a goal.  I have one for September but we are looking for a local something like a 5K or 10K during the summer which could be tricky.  To "be back in it" feels AWESOME!!!!!  I just want to get back to where we were when we would hit the lake and just run until we thought we better get home to the hubby and the kids.  That day WILL come!!!!!!!!
Well, it's back to work for now.  It was a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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Anonymous said...

Wow - Kuddos to you all. This is how I feel and I'm just walking. I don't try to hide it either - Exercise kicks my 300# butt and no matter how long it takes me, I'll complete the training for the day.

hmmm come to think of it, I need to go out Now. Another 3 miles.

Hope you all do fine and please do share your struggles and successes as it does encourage people.