Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's SATURDAY!!!!!!

**Disclaimer- This was not my idea...I am borrowing it from Tara.  I did ask for permission**

I checked her blog because I noticed that she had made a post and we read each other's very faithfully.  I couldn't help but want to run with what she started.  She made a list of somethings that we already know and then there are somethings that we are realizing every day.

1. Reading Childbirth books/magazines and blogs all the time are not the highlight of my day like my precious time in the morning with my Bible, My Saviour and BSF questions

2.Kyle is not a little boy anymore but when he is sick, I want to do everything for him (probably drives him crazy).  He will always be my first.

3. Kaleb is growing up to fast and realizing that if he wants to read every book (including the Sesame Street Dictionary) in his "Book-Bag" then the dishes, the bathrooms and the laundry can wait.

4.Bo doesn't require a spotless house, even though it drives me crazy when it is messy.

5. Guilt over treating myself to a coffee or a treat needs to stop.

6.Being financially smart does not equal being a tight-wad.

7.I can not make everyone around me happy and please them at all times. My main goal is that my Lord is pleased with me.

8.It's OK to feel unequipped to do something that He ask of me because if He asked me to do it, He will equip me to do it.

9. It's amazing how time flies and to know that the Lord already knows each moment.

10. Above all, if the children grow up, I grow old, I don't get it all, that He is good and good all the time and I can know that by experience!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Tara!!!!!!!  Just a lot of thoughts.  Thank you for making me stop and think.

Doula Mama Pam

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Tara said...

Your Welcome. That might become a weekly choice.