Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ok, I just have to share this.....

OK, I said in my last post that I had more about THAT WORD.  Well let's just say that I serve
I pray that you are serving the same one.  I once again was at BSF on Monday night.  We had Fellowship. I LOVE FELLOWSHIP!!!!!! Part of the group was there and we were just chatting like women do and then my awesome discussion leader asked us how we had seen the Lord work.  DEAD SILENCE!!!  Of course I can't stand silence so I spoke up.  The Lord would not let me sit there and be quiet.  I talked about my word(s) for the year(choose/choice).  It was so awesome to get to share.  From hearing someone talk about it years ago to actually doing it and then getting the same word 2 years in a row and the experience and lessons being so very different.  It was just wonderful to share with the group of believing sisters in the group.  I was able to share a little about how He had used these words and how they just keep coming up. 
Even today as I scanned Facebook before I started writing, I saw a post by Cindy that talked about her "Choice" the other day about fear.  I am just amazed and watching what He is doing and learning from others "choices" and what they "choose".  It is so very exciting. 
I of course was in BSF Lecture time and listening to our wonderful Teaching Leader teach about the verses that we had read over and talked about and worked on through out the week.  It was absolutely INCREDIBLE.  Once again sitting there with a smile plastered on my face.  I was overwhelmed with His presence and the fact that at the moment even though there was a total stranger sitting next to me on one side and no one physically next to me, His presence was so thick I could have reached out and touched Him!!!!  It was AWESOME!!!!!!  I just wanted to share with you a few questions that she posed to us last night. Questions that I don't think she even knows what my "word" is but He does and I believe when she prepares her lecture that He writes them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here are the questions and thoughts that she posed.  I wish I had enough time to sit and go through each one and share on here what my answer would be.  Why don't you pick one and answer it in the comment section.  You don't have to put your name. Answer it anonymously.  I would love to hear it!!!!!!!!!

-When was the last time that I chose to start my prayer time as a child does....
Thank you God for sharing _________________ with me.
-Discussed "How big is your God?" We have a choice- we can put boundaries on Him and only allow Him to work in a small box or we can choose to allow Him to be the incomprehensible God that He is and give us what He wants to give us.
-Will you choose to trust Him? Strengthen you? Especially in the areas you are struggling with?
-What skill, talent, prestige has He given you? Are you choosing to share it in a way that is bringing Him the worship He is due?
-Do you choose to be content hidden in the Lord thru Christ?
-We choose to trust.......
-We need to choose to change our focus and trust to God first and then the others have a different place of importance.
There is so much more but let me tell you, I walked out a changed person and focus is different and just thoughts are different. 
Even after such a powerful experience, Tuesday morning was hit with an awkward situation and it was not a pretty picture. After I had a moment of pity party and anger at the situation out of reaction (I was in my car during this) I just sat and begged the Lord to forgive me and I made the choice to see it through the Lord and not myself and move on with my day. That doesn't mean I like the situation. At the same time, He is in control and I will choose to give it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh What Freedom!!!!!!!
Sorry so long but it was just so very rich. I had to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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