Monday, May 16, 2011

Doula Testimony!!!!!!!

My name is Brittney and have known Pam since I was a small child. We know each other through the church I grew up in. My mom and Pam ran into each other about the time Ben(my husband) and I were beginning to tell people that we were expecting a little one. Pam told my mom that she was a doula and gave my mom several pamphlets and said for us to give her a call if we wanted any more information. I had Pam send us more information on what a Doula was and what all they did because we had never even heard about a Doula before all this.
Ben and I talked about it and he just wasn't real sure on the whole thing. I know I was more sold than my husband. He just kept saying he just didn't see the point or the real benefits in a Doula. My mom decided she was going to hire Pam for us as our major baby gift. So began our journey with a Doula at our side and our daughter, Parker, on the way. Let's just say having Pam by our side through our daughters birth was one of the most comforting things about our labor. Pam was there to guide the whole way. Pam helped keep us on track with our birth plan and a little while later we had our beautiful little girl Parker Leigh Scott.
So as life normally goes for us we found out we were expecting again 3 months after Parker was born. I immediately called Pam. This time I knew we were using Pam and I knew why. She helped me make a birth plan and stick to it. I was induced with both my labors, I was never alone. When Ben wasn't sure how to make things better or more comfortable for me, Pam knew just what to try. I had both Parker and Jack naturally. She had so many ideas and concepts I had no idea about. I feel that having Pam or a Doula there during labor made a huge difference. I am not sure I could have had our first one let alone our second child naturally without Pam. Ben being the big skeptic during our first delivery walked away saying we would never do it again without Pam. Our thoughts on having a Doula went through many changes but when asked by our friends "What's the one thing you guys would have during birth?" we always answer them with "Our doula Pam!"

Thank you so much to Brittney and Ben for this!!!!!! 
It's National Doula Month!!!! 
Do you know a Doula?
Do you want to share your experience? 
Just let me know and let's get the word out!!!!!!!

Doula Mama Pam

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